Pay on promotion

Whilst on my JCC course we were told that we would be payed as full screws from our date of completion.
I was posted on promotion in late September having been selected the year before.
I completed my JCC mid May time having done the CLM bit at the end of the previous year so I was wondering before I go in chopsing off
Am I actually owed the extra wage or is it just a myth
All help appreciated :wink:


As far as I am aware, although you have completed your CLM, you will only be A/Cpl untill your new unit recieve or chase up the paper work for your Sub rank. This usually happens between 3 and 6 months after your promotion to Acting. Once this paperwork has been actioned you will be substansive and your pay will be backdated to when you where promoted to acting.

That is as far as I am aware.
works of the postimg order date i was told mate. (250906 as i recall)