Pay of higher rank?

Discussion in 'REME' started by kwacka1975, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Is the unit scaled for a SSgt (I take it that's what you mean)? If it is, where is the SSgt? Is he deployed? On Course? Gapped? If there is no PID then there is no Substitution Pay (that's what Pay of Higher Rank is called now)
  2. 8 Feckin years, and its taken you this long to work out that you might be entitled to extra dosh? Are you an admin vortex or what? Unless of course you are female in which case you would be better off prozzieing yerself than bothering the AGC.
  3. Only if you hold the LS&GC.
  4. You would be entitled to POHR if you have been awarded the LS&GC.
  5. Have you been practicing your skills at being a twat, or did it come to you naturally? The OP asked a sensible question and your stupid reply doesn't really help does it?
  6. That will do nicely. How the fuckk do you wangle a posting in the same garrison as a REEM for up to 10 years?
  7. Hardly worth it im afraid did the tiffy job for a year in a tank regt and deployed on telic got six months worth of low band staffie one band above mine about 40 quid after tax and for six months max got a excellent CR, good enough to do the job but not qualified to take the proper pay of the gods
  8. it may even be a rank ranged PID, ask your units RCMO
  9. To get POHR you need to meet some conditions:

    a. Is there a gap on the establishment?
    b. Are you doing it?
    c. Are you doing it well?
    d. Does you CoC think that you are doing it well
    e. Can you grease an clerk?

    The jump the list you buy in from e..a