Pay of Higher Rank - Help and advice needed!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bits, May 26, 2007.

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  1. I've recently got back from a mobilised tour where I was filling a post one rank up from my current substantive rank (the LSN was definitely one rank up, not ranked ranged, and there were loads of vacant posts so no danger of 'black economy' issues as stated above). I have not received a penny in the way of substitution pay/pay of higher rank/whatever you call it. I think I have a reasonable grasp of the chapter and verse, but what I need is practical advice on how to chase this up and actually get my damn money!! (Sorry, my slice of the taxpayers' money!!)

    This is where I've got to:

    I was mobilised in my current substantive rank, not the rank of the post I was going out to fill (which at the time I didn't know was of one rank up).

    TA Regs states that when mobilised you come under the same regulations as applies to Regulars. [Annex I to Chapter 7, "Substitution Pay".]

    JSP 754 (I can't get eyes on) seems to state that I'm entitled to pay of one rank up.

    I know the paperwork was submitted by the unit I was working for in theatre, and they told me something about nothing happening until I was Gazetted (is this correct??) Other officers I was working with (Regulars augmenting the same unit as me) were successfully receiving their substitution pay long before they left.

    The RAO at Chilwell told me on demob that there was nothing they could do there, and that I would have to chase it up with my unit in theatre (not an easy thing to achieve).

    My PSAO & pay clerk at my TA unit don't really have any practical advice. The pay clerk doesn't know how to approach this, and the PSAO doesn't seem interested in fighting my corner (he hasn't acknowledged that I'm entitled.)

    What I would love is some practical advice on how to progress with this, or at least an explanation as to why this seems to have come to a standstill so that I have a clearer picture to push forward with.

    [Tried posting this in s similar thread in 'RHQ' but got no answers - are there any TA chaps out there who've had similar problems???]
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I now it caused a bit of friction on TELIC6 for certain Lts doing a SO3 Jobs.

    On previous TELICs, Lts had been made up in those posts and on TELIC6 other Lts in SO3 slots were made up.

    But then again, I supposed we volunteered...

  3. The problem will be that you deployed on an FTRS contract which stated the rank you were deploying in. Unless TA & Res MCM Div authorised your acting promotion and you have a letter to prove this you will not get the money for the post you actually filled.

    I had this argument for the 1st year of my FTRS, on renewal of my contract I insisted they write in the contract the actual rank I was being employed in so I would get the right pay.

    Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear, but anyone deploying on an FTRS contract needs to be aware they will fall into the same trap.
  4. He says mobilised service which is not FTRS. If mobilised under RFA 96 and doing the job of a higher rank, he is entitled to substitution pay.

    Bits - Get in touch with the Adjt of your mobilised unit (or the DCOS if it was Bde HQ) and get them to send you a copy of the paperwork they sent off. Then you may wish to write a nice letter to your TA CO (if you do it as a redress he cannot ignore it like your PSAO is trying to do ) asking why you haven't had your money. Athough it may not be the fault of your TA unit you need to do something to get the ball rolling.