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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Slyfox, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. hi all im having a problem still with my pay,i rejoined the army in april this year on a continuation of service,its taken me 5 months to be put on jpa correctly however i now hae a new number begining 300, and i have my lvl 9 status back ,but they will not give me my high payband back,somthing i was told wouldnt be effected when i rejoined,and one of the reasons i did rejoin,there is no records of previous courses or tours or anything with this new number either,not only that but my old number is active on jpa aswell , i have not signed a new contract,and i find myself £4000 p/a less than i was on in 2004,its bad enough not being paid for 5 months but this must be against the law . can anyone help here ive been to every person i can think of but no one seems to be able to help,inc JPA and Glasgow,they just keep saying that there is no supply controller trade anymore just supplier and they are all on the lower pay band, and jpa dosnt reconise sup con so it cant be changed, im now in the process of having to get posted back to the uk to better support my family who are in my own house there,this wouldnt have been a problem if i was on the right pay band as promised,
    any advise would be greatfull thankyou
  2. refuse to soldier till you sign a contracr and get paid, lol and go get urself a decent admin sarge si!!
  3. lol thanks mate im trying to not give them any ammo to throw at me lol
  4. Si, you need to push through with your redress. This was put in months ago and not acknowledged despite the timeframe!!!! The OC deploys in morning and seen as though there is no other chain of command, ie 2ic, ssm, ops etc, you need to be thinking of going direct to the regt, and requesting that CO's interview. He will not ask to see you (as proved), YOU need to do the asking. Your PPP has gone in and will only go to the CO's head as yeah f*ck him, let him get out the regt and be someone elses prob. So if I was you PUSH.
  6. It's all gone Pete Tong, no matter what HR (clerks) do, without finding some other avenue by hook crook or look we are not able to talk to the section that can help, we are all shoved into the "we will get back to you shite", meanwhile' we are all left in the same boat, and I am a clerk with my own Pay Problems, I am getting so pissed of with telling people that we are waiting for the I Support to be sorted that I have started to go to departments that I would never normaly go to to get contact numbers to sort things out (which I should not be calling), not for me alone, but for the personnel that I admin, it is not working, for fu*s sake, GET THIS SHITE SORTED
  7. LJS, completely agree with you, it is cos the army, did not even try and rule out the navy and raf screw ups, they thought they was better and could do it alone. how wrong was they!
  8. JPA staff are the front to the end of the world when it comes to assisting the customer! A simple question cannot be answered on the phone but you are told to send an IRequest!
    I am fed up asking about my pay and other such questions to the JPA staff to get crap if no answer at all.
    SLYFOX--- the solicitor is fine but what will he/she be able to do? Ask for a CO's interview and confront him with the problem. If he/she sees that there is a problem with one soldier then they may ask if there are more in the Regt! The more complaints the better!
    The management may get off of their fat arsses and complain!
  9. conco, slyfox HAS asked for a CO's evry week for last 3 months, he even put in a redress 3 months ago and has heard nothing!!! clearly that way does not work. He has NOT been paid a penny from glasgow for 5 MONTHS, which is inexcusable and against the law. His solicitor can actually do more than you realise, and been as though his problem has gone through MCM, SPVA, BDE and many more to no avail, he has done the right thing. In law retention of wages is actually theft, so like said previously his lawyer has quite a big punch to pack, and people are ALREADY flapping.
  10. Feck me, I can't believe the British Army is still so fecking useless! It's not like no-one's rejoined before! SF you have my sympathy, this is the sort of thing that I couldn't stomach any longer and left. Some (now civvy probably) desk warrior has to make 3 phone calls to sort your pay out and can't be arrsed: "oh, well, I sent an email..." Oh, well thats ok then, thanks for taking the time out from eating belt-fed mars bars at your desk and writing on the back of your hand to send AN email.

    And breathe.....

    Here's what I'd do, start over from your current Regt:

    1. Befriend a decent SNCO?young Rupert and ask for their advice because you think you're being seen off. not all Ruperts are cnuts and most subbies want to be liked by their lads. Don't be arsey, just be honest.
    2. Get every bit of paper you can find from before you rejoined, anything, especially bits of stuff from Glasgow or wherever you get paid from (ex-RM sorry!). Get your pet Rupert to sort it out into some sort of order.
    3. Go to SSM/CSM make formal complaint, politely, in writing, ask him to sort it. It's a phone call, even an IRequest has to be answered in 24 hrs (if JPA is tri-service it's the same rules as RM)
    4. If no joy, (2 days) write to the OC, he'll listen, unless he's a cnut. Is he? Get pet Rupert to draft letter, then he gets the blame for poor spelling and you can't be labelled a bother-causer on your own.
    5. If no joy, (2 days) write to CO and request a CO's interview. I'm pretty sure he has to see you if you request it formally. If no joy bang in a Redress of Grievance and demand the moneys owed with interest - you need to have a desired outcome on a Redress. This is serious as it will go to Army Legal Service, but it takes a while.
    6. Go and see Welfare SNCO and tell them you are experiencing financial hardship because your pay is 4k less than it should be.
    7. Go and see MO and say you can't sleep you're so stressed.
    8. If all else fails write to SO2 Legal (ALS - don't know where they live) and say you think you are being unfairly punished. They love that sh1t.

    Ultimately, all you can do is pester and pester and be a nuisance, go to CSM/CO/pet Rupert every day. Record everything in a note book so you are totally swept up. Eventually, they'll get sick of you but don't give up. They cannot reflect it in your CR or you can redress that.

    Good luck.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I recall in 83 a Reme Crafty being sent to us, he wasnt paid at all for 6 months. It seems his previous unit lost his records. His wife luckily stayed with her parents and he lived in the block in Munster whilst his mates subbed him beer money. LOA was good as was the FFR so when it caught up with him it would have been superb. I understand that he came from a REME posting to us an Inf Bn and the REME messed up his paperwork. He couldnt sort out an allottment to pay his wife anything and he just about had fallen of the system. Not good for retention but damn rare all the same. Mind you that was when the pay office didnt have a computor so its probably more common nowadays.
  12. SF, in light of Hullboy's comments (I was busy ranting and missed them!)

    Just make sure you record everything in a notebook and pester the barstewards so they know it's not going anywhere.

    Forgive previous lapse into post-service bitterness.

  13. QFT.
    Unfortunately it's even worse than that - once you've raised the IRequest JPA have given themselves 10 WORKING days to give you a reply, which can still take the form of "this has been passed to the support team". Shocking.
  14. thankyou all very much im at the COs interview stage at the moment ill see how that goes but im stilll using my solicitor just incase,special thanks to hullboy whome im now in contact with daily via phone cheers mate
  15. If nothing else all RAOs have been instructed to issue cash to all individuals who are dipping out financially due to JPA - go to your RAO and ask for the cash - if no joy drop me a PM and I may be able to assist