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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Espionage, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Started the TA, and have finished my TAFS1. I am aware that I won't get payed till I get my soldier number. But we all got told that all weekends and nights we attend now is now under the pay roll, so once the soldier number comes through will i expect a huge cash amount for all the time i have attended before hand?

  2. Once you have been attested, you start getting paid. obviously this money doesnt come through until your number has and Glasgow has sorted out your bank details.

    what you should be doing is signing the bottom of the attendence register in one of the spare boxes so that the unit has a record of your attendence, and also keeping a record in your own diary.

    yes you will get backpay, but do check it, as sometimes it can be wrong.

    welcome aboard!!!

  3. Not huge, as you're a recruit, but depending on how long it takes your pay to catch up with you, yes, you'll have a nice drink out of it.
  4. Thanks, I will make a diary asap.
  5. If you're not on the nominal roll, ask the Recruiting NCO for an Individual Attendance Register.

    Keep a track of your training on this. Just remember, one month to an Attendance Register. At the end of the month, get the Recruiting NCO to get it authorised by an officer.

    When you have your number, ask the Recruiting NCO to hand in your signed Register to the Unit Admin Office, and they'll use this to get you paid.

    It'll work a lot quicker than the Admin staff going through Group Attendance Registers trying to find you.
  6. Not sure about HUGE amount of cash, if you do then you are not being paid as a Private soldier or even as a soldier at all!
  7. I just write my name/number on the nominal role - I've been paid, not checked it's correct yet though.

    Got my number almost immediately though, I don't know if that would work if you havne't had a number yet.
  8. By huge, I mean all these weekends (30quid per day) and tuesday evernings that I will have done before I get paid.

    It will add up.