Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sold1erb0y, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i apologise if this has been on before but i've trawled through prev threads and not seen the answer to my question so here goes, i been in the army since mar 06 and from sept am about to rise to pay level 4, i was told by jpa that 6 months after you join you go to level 1 then every anniversary of that you increase a level ui'm a Pte in the army, I've just found out that a colleague who joined almost a year after me is on level 4 already, we both do the same job have both had the same grade in our yearly reports although i'm more qualified than he is, we're both drivers but i have all my licences now where as he doesnt, i dont understand how thats the case, either i should be going onto lvel 5 or he should have just gone up to level 3. I dont know who to raise this issue with and how to do it without explaining about him aswell. Where would he stand if he is on the wrong level and has been getting extra money every month without saying anything and where would i stand if i'm on the wrong level would i get the money back. Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Your mate has probably got an English GCSE
  3. i've got an English GCSE, the only one i didnt pass was RE
  4. Must be divine interference then
  5. Joined Mar 06 - NERP
    Sep 06 - Level 1
    Sep 07 - Level 2
    Sep 08 - Level 3
    Sep 09 - Level 4

    That is right and your levels are correct. Your "friend" may have had an AIP. Has he done his class 2? Have you?

    If you haven't your pay is correct.
  6. lol, must be
  7. I was 22 when i joined so didnt do junior service, we dont do class 2 as RLC drivers, if we do neither of us has done it.
  8. You have to do an assessment for your Class 2; you need to speak to your MT Sgt or MTWO to sign you off and it will need to be inputted onto JPA and you will go up one level.