pay levels and paying for kit

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by baldy_fudge_packer, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Been told differant things by differant people on these subjects so..........

    How much will i have to spend on kit in basic training? (I was told nothing at adsc)

    How do the pay levels work? I was told you move up a level evry 12 month or so but was also told it depends what level of danger you are put in. i.e. chef lower level and frount line higher level.

    (prize for the best piss take because i know this wahish :D )
  2. Very little
    And yes you get increments on a time basis. Pay bands are not danger related, they are skill related.
  3. You can spend as little or as much as you want on extra kit during training, dependant on what you prefer. When I went through training we had one of the lads being a drama, claiming he was being forced to buy things by his DS.
    Total twaddle, that is.
    You will be given reccomendations of things to buy that will make your life easier by your experienced training staff, but you will be issued with the correct kit to carry out anything that is asked of you. You will no doubt succumb to the lure of gucci kit, however, and you won't regret it. I still have things 9 years on that I was reccomended by my training staff, and they are still as useful today as they were then.
    Like I said, you wont "have" to buy extra kit, but it would be well worth doing so just to make you more comfortable.
  4. Just to put you right, Chefs are on the higher pay band..... retention issues and all!

    (no i'm not a Chef)
  5. Pfft tell that to the bloody REME. :p
  6. Ok thanks someone who says he had to pay for ALL his kit, no 2s, stable belt ECT is a liar or been scammed :?
  7. Had to pay for my stable belt, then again im a stab and don't get as much nice free kit. More like a charity shop with us.
  8. So you were not told to buy your stable belts, twisters, TFRs, (and possibly troop T-shirt/Corp tracksuit)?
    As to gucci kit if the army actully gave you what you is suitable you wouldn't have to buy anything extra. Why do PRI shops make a fortune? because the army give up the cheapest (usually crappest) option possible and then say if you want extra comfort you can buy it from us.
  9. No it usually means he lost it and got billed for it . :wink:
  10. You can survive with what the army provides you with. Most "gucci" kit tends to be those things to make your life that little bit easier ie gas stoves or more comfortable ie Lowas(or to make you look ally...)
  11. The question was in relation to basic training, so no stable belt (only worn in barrack dress at RD), no TRFs (we didn't have them back then, and they get issued anyway), and squadron T shirts were issued when I arrived at the regiment, paid for through SQN stoppages. Twisters? Look at the price, and compare that to the price of a bag of elastic bands. Guess what I use...

    The equippment the Army provide IS suitable, as I said, the OP was reffering to basic training. My company weren't allowed to use anything non- issue during our time there anyway, and weren't left needing. As for Gucci kit from the PRI shop, you are a mug if you shop there anyway. I've never seen anything in mine that I couldn't get elsewhere cheaper, its the same as anything, you shop around to get the best deals. Sure, I've spent a fair bit on kit since I've been in (probably too much, actually!), but it has not been spent on things I particularly need, more on stuff I'd like, or want. The fact is , if you don't get it issued then it's because you aren't entitled to be. If you aren't entitled, chances are you don't need it.
  12. Seems eBay is good for all the Gucci Babar.....SO my very 1st pay will be all mine??? Minus tax, food and accommodation
  13. As an infanteer I can say that is not entirely accurate.

    Otherwise many like me would be worse off and the corps would be rolling in it.

    Although I can't comment on what it is based on because I just don't know!

    Good one :?
  14. I am not sure of the whole process or criteria but basically an assessment is done of each job, the skill level, how hard the work is, management responsibility and so on. pay bands are set according to the job assessment.
  15. That seems a fairly accurate statement to me. To add as an example, a full corporal in the Royal Armoured Corps will be on the lower pay band. To move onto the higher, he must pass his commanders course on either Challenger 2 for MBT regiments, or Scimitar for close/ formation Recce.