Pay level on re-joining / re-enlisting

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by louizd, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi. I am after some advice as regards to pay when re-enlisting into the army. I left the airforce in september 2010 after serving 9 years and was on level 9 pay and re-enlisted into the army in November 2012 and passed out last friday. I printed the relevant information off from jsp 754 chapter 3 section 13 (pay on re-entry/re-enlistment after a break of service) which states that pay will be assessed on an individual basis.
    I mentioned this in phase one training to the chief clk and his simple answer was unlucky, and that I would have to start from the beginning.
    I would be gratefull for any advice from anybody who has experienced this, or is a clark and has dealt with a similar situation before. Many thanks.
  2. Post this on the Aviation forum mate. I had a Ac Tech working for me who had transferred after 12 years with the RAF and he had this done to him. However I think the clerks at Arborfield sorted the mess out whilst he was Trade Training. You may just find him on that forum.
  3. Cheers for the quick response and i'll give that a go. Just looking for some info to back my case up if it comes to it. Thanks again.
  4. Have you got any transferrable quals from the RAF that are of use to the army? That is your negotiating tool! If you have re-joined in a new trade or remit and need training as much as a civvie who has never seen a day's service, how can you expect to be paid more?
  5. Hi Arrse onist. I was a logistic supplier in the RAF and am down to join as a REME storeman as nothing else was available at the time. I may have the possibility of changing to REME metalsmith in which I already have 4 welding qualifications and 14 months experience working in a vehicle body shop. The qualifications are relevant to the trade of metalsmith but I admit I am not a trained metalsmith but I would imagine neither would the others on the course be.
  6. The point im making is if a decision is to be on an individual basis and there are no laid out rules then to get anything out of your CO you have to sell yourself. Put accross a persuasive arguement why you deserve more than the other guy. Any quals or experience are worth extra cash so use them as your bargaining tool. If its one less course he has to send you on or one less year before you will be eligible for promotion it will all count.

    ps I have no experience in this, im just putting a logical explanation together of how i would handle it if i was your boss!
  7. What your saying is pretty much what I was thinking and I will report back on here what the outcome is as barely any information can be found regarding this topic. Thanks again