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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jlw292, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. Hello, advice required
    My husband rejoined in Oct 2008. (He initially served from 1994 to 2000)

    He is currently on level 2 of pay (went up a level with the usual annual increase in April) but was told that his pay should be higher when taking into account his previous service. We keep getting told that the Tiger Team will be sorting out his pay issues but then nothing ever seems to happen. We are told next month, then next month again.
    Does anyone have any idea how quickly this is going to get sorted? and if there is a way of contacting the Tiger Team - (clerk doesnt seem to have my husbands pay as a priority in his workload)

  2. Did he get anything when he was at the Career's Office when he was accepted telling him what he would be enlisted in as, Rank pay etc.

    If not then he may not be due any backpay, he did get out over 8 years ago and prior to Pay 2000 as well.

    No way of contacting the Tiger Team Direct either.
  3. Hi, he was told by the Careers Office that he would go back in on a level 5 or 6. His rejoin paperwork gives him a seniority date of 2003.
    His clerk has told him that the Tiger Team are sorting out the pay level but thats been going on for a few months now :(
  4. Unfortunately, his "clerk" has no way of twisting the Tiger Team's arms up their backs without going to prison, and they are quite busy people.

    Has he tried calling JPAC himself, or is that a bit too difficult? Perhaps he would rather sit on his arrse and get his wife to post questions on the internet for him.

    Please do feel free to tell him to PM me for assistance on this so I can get the full story.

    Hope this helps.
  5. But surely his "clerk", if he/she is having no luck on his behalf can take his case up his/her unit "clerical" chain of command to get the RAOWO or RAO involved on the soldiers behalf? To simply say that the "Tiger Team" are dealing with it and leave it at that is unacceptable.
  6. Snail!
    In response, he has phoned JPA numerous times to which they reply 'speak to your Clerk'. And with regards to him sitting on his arrse while i post comments, am I not entitled to ask a question on his behalf without receiving a sarcastic comment? I thought this site was supposed to help and advise. I was obviously very wrong.

    Grumpy Git - Hubby is hitting head against a brick wall. His Clerk even told him to stop ringing JPA becuase of the countless emails JPA keep sending to the Clerk. Cant win :(
  7. There is a procedure for his Unit HR to submit an assessment of his pay entitlements based on previous service via the Brigade SPS Branch to the Tiger Team to have the correct pay levels resolved.

    This is probably something that his sub-unit clerk would not do, but would be done by the SSA or RAWO.

    If he believes that he is not being properly treated or getting service, he has the ability to submit a service complaint direct to JPAC. Details of how to do it are on the JPA Information before logging into JPA

    It would be a good idea to first contact the RAWO to get it resolved.

    Relevant extract from JSP 754 is below:

    Pay on Re-entry/Re-Enlistment after a Break of Service

    03.1304. Single-Service manning authorities will confirm what previous service (including Reserve Force service for transfer to the Regular and Regular service for transfer to the Reserve Force service), and Accelerated Incremental Progression (AIP) awarded can be permitted when re-entering either the Regular or Reserve Forces. This will be done on an individual basis and depends on factors such as time spent and qualifications gained outside the Service, skill fade etc. Depending on these factors, pay may be reassessed as follows:

    a. If the individual is to re-enter at the same rank and branch or trade they will enter at the same IL as that when the individual left the Service, in the same range for their branch or trade.

    b. In some instances it may be determined that the individual should re-enter in their former rank at a lower IL (for example to reflect skill fade). Subject to Service manning requirements, an individual may, in exceptional circumstances, be employed in a different branch or trade attracting a higher level of pay if they have attained a qualification outside the Service. Such instances will be boarded by the Service manning authorities on re-entry.

    c. If it is decided that entry should be at a lower rank then former service in both lower and higher rank should be used to determine the appropriate IL. However, personnel will not be able to earn a higher rate than they could if they rejoined in the previously held higher rank.

    03.1305. When any former service declared on re-employment has been confirmed and authorised, pay may be reassessed to count the former paid reckonable service towards incremental pay from the date of re-entry/re-enlistment. In such instances the IBD is the date of re-entry/re-enlistment, adjusted as necessary to reflect previous paid reckonable service.

    03.1306. Where the application of the rules in 03.1304 results in an individual being placed on an IL above a Qualification Point (QP) or other bar to incremental progression on the range (see Section 4), and the individual does not hold the qualification or other criteria to cross the bar, then all incremental progression is suspended until the necessary qualification or other criteria are gained .

    03.1307. Single-Service Manning Authorities will confirm to the Joint Personnel Administration Centre Pay Delivery Team (JPAC PDT) which Accelerated Incremental Progression (AIP) awards earned during previous service are to be included in the assessment of the pay IL on re-entry:

    a. Only complete 12 month credits may be applied. In any situation where credit is given for AIP awarded during the previous period of service these will then count towards any future entitlement. However, if credit is not given, it is possible for the individual to re-gain an AIP.

    b. AIP gained between periods of service may be credited on re-entry in accordance with Section 6, as if the individual was a new entrant.