PAY (Lets have a laugh) 2000 - REME

Any of you chaps in the know have an idea why my men got stiffed on this??
I have WO2 (RQMS)s on lower band when the RMPs have CSMs on higher, I obviously dont wish to accuse the RMPs amongst you of not deserving it but I fail to imagine that they have more responsibilty than my chaps.
Would appreciate any advice as the season of visits is approaching and the beggars are bound to ask me again.....I cant tell them for the 6th year that its "In Hand" again can I....can I??
Obviously his trade is not important enough, undermanned enough or just lucky enough to be in the higher band.

Shit happens ! :(
Come on boss, if anyone's going to know why we got stiffed, its YOU, look in the bottom drawer of your desk in the folder marked 'skeletons', its all in there.................
The whole high band/low band issue is a minefield - I had 5 WOs (1 from each of Inf, RAC, RLC, RA and RE) working in one organisation all of whom were Signals specialists and all got high ban except the Royal Artillery. I even wrote to the RA MCM asking if it was OK to let their man work 30 minutes a day less to compensate. Nobody saw the funny side of the suggestion and 4 years on RA RSWOs are still low band - go figure.

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