Pay landlord or spend rent, suprised?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. So instead of paying the landlord they gave the money direct to the tenants. Now there are huge arrears. My 8 yr old nephew could have worked that one out.

    BBC News - Tenants' rent arrears soar in pilot benefit scheme

    "Figures obtained by BBC News show that arrears among tenants of Wakefield and District Housing in West Yorkshire have increased from an average of 2% to 11% on the pilot projects."


    "One tenant failing to cope is Margaret Tonks, a single mother from Broseley, Shropshire.By them paying the money directly to me it created temptation to use it for other things which has resulted in me being in arrears and possibly being evicted. "


    It is a story familiar to Andrea Thomas, a CAB manager in Cwmbran, south Wales. Several local tenants on the direct payments project have needed help to cope with the new system, all with mental health problems.As well as noticing a large increase in arrears, all the pilot projects have seen increases in the costs of getting the rent from the tenants. Some projects have had to double staffing costs as many tenants have been unwilling to pay by direct debit.

    Quel Suprise!
  2. If the money has been spent on things other than what it was given for, then the people concerned should go to court for obtaining money through false pretence or fraud.
    To pay money direct to people with mental health issues and without the ability to budget is insane, in these cases the people giving the money should go to court for being stupid.
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  3. Just bring back the poor house. Job jobbed. Apart from those with dramas budgeting (not including being fcuking greedy) they should be able to budget; because if we get them back in to a job, which is the end state I am led to believe, how will they budget their wages?
  4. yeah my council so far isnt planning to go down that road, they already insist that anymoney they pay out goes direct to the landlord but then more than half hte people claiming round here are alledgedly of romany decent so struggle to understand (or at least thats the blurb) personally i dont think the new idea will work and the govt should of made it so benefit cash was sorted out via local council schemes, there the onse who get to carry out all the fraud investigation and this is just making there job 10x harder a year after half the back office staff were given the boot....

    at least then the recipient would get there money after rent/council tax obligation were met and be free to waste the rest or use it for food +bills
  5. Take them to court and fine them? Jail them? All that would do is cost the taxpayer more.

    On the one hand, you've got people struggling with (albeit self-inflicted) debt who will pay the creditor who poses the biggest threat. On the other, you've got depressed people with no pride who couldn't give a **** whether anything gets paid. A scheme like this achieves nothing but to dig people further into trouble.

    What we need to focus on is getting people out of the welfare lifestyle.
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  6. Then they get fined, they don't pay, they go to gaol and you pay for them to be there.
    It's cheaper just to bail them out.

    Paying to the tenant is bloody stupid and I really don't see the point in it.
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  7. A "council spokesman" on today's new said that they have a system in place to notify defaulters by SMS messaging.
    Do you need some type of electronic device to receive SMS messages?
  8. I know a bird that works at the local CAB, helping people with debt issues. She can't afford an iPhone, but most of her 'clients' have one.
  9. My local authority email every fortnight to see if I have rooms available for DWP "Clients"
    They do not however respond to my questions about the non-payment of rents.
  10. We truly are in Meltdown.

    Thats it.
  11. I wonder whose iPhone they have.

    Edit:- Actually.... These days it's not really a biggy, there's so many dodgy and quasi-dodgy contract resellers that having a "big" phone isn't a particularly large outlay. The "secret" is in knowing where to contact these resellers. They don't work at Carphone Warehouse.
  12. Good news for bailiffs, I suppose.
  13. Why?

    They're private renting, the most valuable thing they own in the property is probably their trainers.
  14. Because it keeps the responsibility for budgeting and the like firmly in their court, promoting self-discipline and self-respect. Rather than swaddling them in to stupidity.

    If they are to return to work and get on in life this is vital. Or they will just degenerate in to mongs.

    It will be hard in the beginning, but give it a few years and we wont have mongs spending all their cash on pringles and plasmas before the leccy and rent.
  15. Some of the "arears" will be there right from the off. Landlords expect tennants to pay rent in advance be it weekly or monthly. However, councils pay rents with housing benefit in arrears so the tennant will constantly be getting statements or letters pointing out they are in rent arrears. I imagine that the change over has caused these "arrears" to be more apparant and appear interesting to the media. Also, many landlords want to be paid by direct debit but will naturally want to take whatever extra monies are required to bring the rent account back to date. Obviously, tennants will resist such direct debit payments as the sudden taking of the "extra" monies will make things tight, for those already struggling with low income.

    Also many tennants will have debts and overdrafts that will cause the bank to take settlement for first, before the landlord get their share. In many cases there won't be enough funds to pay the rent and to live on. So ok, they shouldn't get themselves into such a state to begin with but never-the-less it happens all the same. Former squaddies included. Often direct debit problems are to blame, causing bank charges to accrue and make things worse.

    So it's all very well giving the monies direct to the tennants and expecting them to manage it, but it gets paid through the bank and they stick their interferring hands into it.

    I doubt that was considered beforehand either.