Pay Journal Record

I am an ex- Regular now serving with the TA, left the Regs in 1997, joined the TA in 2003.
I have just received a Pay Journal Record with my pay statement and am just a little confused as it says the following in the Event box:

2******* CPL Svyazist
Date - 01/11/2006
Acting Promotion
IDD 19 JUN 07
AIP Avail 00 Awd 00

Has anybody got any idea as to what this is or has Glasgow made an error?
A Pay Journal gives details of an occourance actioned at APC, looks like a C**k up to me, these are supposed to be kept by your RAO, No 1, you can only go up 1 rank for Acting, is anything else on this true, are you a FTR EQOT, is your IDD (Incremental Due Date, annual pay increase normaly the same as Sub Rank date) correct.
Thanks, although I don't know what an FTR EQOT is!
My IDD is about right (I have had some "issues" recently with my rank and pay).
So would it be safe to assume this is just a "mistake" and just put it in file 13?
Thanks a lot for your help Gents, I am not in the Royal Engineers hence my ignorance.
More proof that this really does belong in the bin!

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