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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by smff73, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Ok gents, serious post here, its about my unit, or whoever the hell is responsible basically not squaring me away and paying me what I've earnt. Heres the story...

    May 2005 Did PTI course at Aldershot
    July 2005 Attended Annual Camp

    March 2006 phone Coy HQ to double check I'd qualified for bounty. They said my CO's certificate had been signed and sent off.

    Later that year with still no bounty forthcoming, I asked pay bod where the bounty was, he said he'd get back to me.

    He then found out from Glasgow that apparently I was 3 days short of qualifying ( despite my Co's certificate going in)

    I thought, hand on a sec, checked my bank statements and found out I hadn't been paid for PTIs course, apparently my unit didn't know about it.

    Pay guy said, show course report/certificate to prove you were on it, and we'll get you paid for that, and backdate bounty, because that course will obviously make up the days.

    September 2006 Did PJNCOs

    As of today ( mid June 2007 ) my pay situation is thus:

    Still not been paid for PTIs course in May 2005
    Still not got bounty for financial year 1 April 2005 to 1 April 2006 despite being told I had a signed COs certificate and proved I did the days.
    Still not been paid for PJNCOS in September 2006
    Still not been paid for weekends done since January.

    On the bright side, I have got my bounty this year ( hooray! ), however, by my reckoning I'm due about £3000

    Before you say it, I have bugged our pay bloke ( a WO2 ) countless times, have faxed him course reports, certificates etc. He keeps trying but something sinister further up the chain seems to be up to mischief. PSAO is off on compassionate. Any ideas?

    One of my pals who was once in this situation wrote directly to CO, got the money within a week, but I don't want to put noses out of joint, after all I've been in the unit for 9 years. Seems to me bizarre when retention is such a problem that they can't be arsed trying to retain guys.....

    Any advice much appreciated!
  2. If you have contacted your RAOWO many times as you have said & not got anywhere, I'm afraid its a letter to your CO I'm afraid. If your RAOWO was genuinly concerned that you had been underpaid he would be contacting you with progress reports, not the other way round.
  3. Are we supposed to get paid?? I thought they stopped all that years ago!

    Seriously, in the past 9 months I've had my bounty and £31. Thats despite turning up every Tuesday, countless bone exercises and shooting comps.

    Whenever our clerk tries to sort it APC blame it on JPA and say the priorty is to pay the Regs. I can understand that - but surely it shouldnt be a choice they should pay us all. One Army - One Pay bill
  4. Where's your OC? Get a grip of your boss, you are who he is there for! That's fcuking outrages drills, most people would have strangled the pay bloke. Don't go writing directly to the CO until you have given your boss a chance to sort out the lazy tw8t in the AGC. If he doesn't sort it, then write to the CO and tell him that you asked your OC to sort it and it still didn't get done! If they can't be arrsed looking after their blokes they shouldn't be in the fcuking job. (rant over) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. I concur with Dont_Fear_The_Reaper.

    Forget PSAOs and other NRPS. Use your chain of command. Your Platoon Comd and OC should be on top of this as it is a welfare and a retention issue.

    If they do bugger all, then tell the CO. Heads may roll but don't go above them too soon.
  6. So lets get this right, you haven't been paid for a course you attened TWO years ago??

    The way I see it you have ... options.

    1) make an appointment with the OC discuss things with him/her.

    2)If that doesn't work then go to the CO.

    A little bit of advise, keep asking and keep bugging people, it's your monet you have erned it.
    A little more advise don't leave things for so long before chasing it up, it gives the impression that you don't care.
  7. and i thought id been bummed hen it took me 5 months to get my pay!!

    happy days