There is a DSPSI that your RAO should be aware of where personnel who are owed money are paid the difference monthly manually thereby not 'dipping out'.
If you want me to look into your situation and give you some advice PM me your army No.
The DSPSI is produced below.



A. Email to SPS FCoC dated 24 Mar 04.

1. Introduction. As part of the process to resolve post P2K implementation problems, it has been agreed that a Local Suspense Account within AFPAA(G) will carry the burden of advances made in respect of P2K Follow on Work (FOW). This is intended to remove the risk of a unit being unable to reconcile their Control Account after each P2K FOW problem has been resolved and to give AFPAA(G) better visibility and control over the process.

2. Re-enlistment and Re-engagement (R2) Control Account Advances. Payments in respect of R2 problems are being dealt with under a separate piece of work and are not to be included within the figure submitted for clearance (DSPSI 5200/13 dated 8 Dec 03 - Issue 15/03 refers). Units are to note that advances paid in respect of R2 problems are to be cleared on discharge in accordance with DSPSI 5200/14 dated 8 Dec 03 (D/DSPS(A)/5200/12/1/RPA) ‘Clearance of Advances on Discharge’.

3. Units with Control Account Advances. Units are to complete the return attached at Enclosure 1 to this Instruction, for each individual who has been paid an advance against the unit’s control account for P2K FOW problems. Notes on completion are included within the return.

4. Subsequent Monthly Advances and Clearance. Imprest Holders are to continue monthly to individual is posted from a unit with an outstanding control account advance for a make up any difference for individuals who are being financially disadvantaged as a result of specific P2K FOW problems. Units are required to submit monthly returns to clear subsequent payments made. These returns are to be submitted at the end of each month on the closure of the Imprest Account. Units will be informed when problems are set live and when advances for specific problems should be stopped.

5. Postings of Individuals with Advances. If an P2K FOW problem, the paying unit should clear this advance at the end of the month after close down by submitting the attached return in the normal manner. This advance should not be transferred to the new unit. The new unit will then be responsible for paying control account advances to ensure that the individual receives their correct entitlement. Losing units are to notify gaining units of the necessary details that require advances to be paid.

6. Units with No Control Account Advances. Unit that have made no payments are required to submit a nil return. Notes for completion in this instance are included within the return. Units are not required to submit monthly nil returns. If a unit inherits an individual on posting who requires an advance for a P2K FOW problem, or a soldier is discovered to have a P2K FOW problem, then the unit must submit another return requesting clearance of the figure advanced. Subsequent monthly action for clearance will then be necessary.

7. Discharges. This new process should reduce the need to request clearance action under DSPSI 5200/14 dated 8 Dec 03 (D/DSPS(A)/5200/12/1/RPA) ‘Clearance of Advances on Discharge’. Individuals with P2K FOW problems should have their advances cleared by submitting the attached return at the end of the month on close down.

8. Deadline. Initial returns are to be submitted by 1 May 04.

9. POC. The POC in DSPS(A) is{NAME DELETED BY MODERATOR) (Tel: 94271 2608 or Fax: 94271 2568).

19 Apr 04 Issue 5/04 D/DSPS(A)/401/RPA
the form is
uation Clearance Submission/Nil Return

Section 1:

1. Annotate the heading box above as appropriate.
2. All units are required to complete Section 1.

Cr/Dr Control Account Number :
Cash & Bank Control Account Number :
FSA Contact Details: Name:
Contact No:

Section 2: Individual’s Details and Reason(s) for Advances:

1. Units, who have paid no advances, should move to Section 4.
2. Units are to complete one return per individual.
3. If the soldier is due discharge, then the discharge date is to be inserted.
4. Units should tick the box against the appropriate P2K FOW problem(s) for which advances have been made.

Individual’s Details:

No: Rank:
Name: Regt/Corps
EQ: Discharge Date:

 Movement Between Pay Ranges.
 Reduction Or Reversion In Rank.

 Under PW Art 462.
 PW Arts 454E.a Reduction in Rank
Management Action.
 Under PW Art 462A.
 PW Arts 454E.b Reduction in Rank
for Discipline etc.
 Under PW Art 462B.
 UOTC OCdt MTQ2 Pay.
 SDRP On JSJET Uprange.
 Setting Of IBDs For Prior Held Rank.

 Temporary Crew Commander AFV On Transition.  Loss Of Driving Licence Over Transition.
 Exceptional Authority For AIP – PS10(A) Authority has to be in issue.

Section 3: Details of Payments Made:

List of payments made :

Date of Payment Amount Cumulative Total

Total outstanding Control Account Advance: £_____________

Section 4: Declaration

1. Units who have paid no advances should cross out all bullets bar the last and sign and date.
2. Units who have paid advances should delete the last bullet and sign and date.

 I declare that this advance (the amount stated above) has been made in respect of a Post P2K Implementation Problem.
 I understand that I will be required to continue to make monthly payments to this individual until such time as the problem has been resolved.
 After each payment I will submit a monthly return for the clearance of the a/m control account. I will hold copies of all returns submitted with my control account documentation and on the individual’s pay file.
 The figure declared for clearance does not include any advances made for other reason(s) such as resettlement advances etc, as these and any such routine items will be recovered in accordance with normal regulations.
 The figure declared does not include any advances made in respect of re-enlistment or re-engagement (R2) problems. This issue is being dealt with under a separate piece of work and instructions have been issued .

 I have made no payments to any individual in respect of a P2K FOW problem as detailed above at Section 2.

Signed: ______________________________ Dated: __________________

Rank, Name and Appointment: ____________________________________

Contact Telephone No: __________________________________________

All returns are to include a unit stamp.

Completed returns are to be submitted to:

Gould House
Worthy Down
SO21 2RG

Fax copies may be sent to: 94271 2568

Copies are to be sent to appropriate SPS Branches for info.
Or just go in and drag the spotty little oik of a clerk over the counter and thrash 'em!!! Didnt resolve my problem but i felt a damn sight better!!!!
Or just go in and drag the spotty little oik of a clerk over the counter and thrash 'em!!! Didnt resolve my problem but i felt a damn sight better!!!!
Little!! Wonder you can look over the counter! Small bloke!!!
I have asked Mrs_Doctrinus to add her tenpence worth:

Mrs_D: You may find this hard to believe, but it is just as frustrating for AGC(SPS) people as well. The problems are caused by the software used by the wretched machine in APC, which refuses to understand that soldiers move across incremental levels (i.e. not class and bands) into and out of higher and lower paybands, to ensure that the soldier always receives a 2% pay rise with the same amount of seniority.

Ammo: I understand your frustration, but there is precisely nothing your pay people can do about this, although you can receive manual payments in lieu, as discussed above - thanks at_ease! :D
I disagree theres one thing the AGC staff can do about it and that is have a little more sympathy, and pride about there job, and try to actually explain to the soldier why things arent working and why the pay is fooked up. Too often a sarci' comment along with a simple "pass the buck" is the response to any query made! Obviously this isnt true in all Regs. but only from my own expierience in three that ive worked with.
Here here, top third. Too often do the extremely underworked, underqualified, overpaid AGC staff talk to our young other ranks like they should only exist on the bottom of their shoes, the clerks are here to provide a service however it is often poorly done and with complete indifference. If in military terms i gave out crap artillery advice and it resulted in something going wrong i would be in for the high jump, they however can render shite advice or even worse give none and nothing is said.
Buck up AGC stop treating us all like cu**s

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