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Here's a good 'un.

I have not been paid now, for two months in a row. This is due to no fault of my own or my PSAO or AO. I have heard the term "FORGE" (or something like) muttered darkly, and I believe that this is now being resolved. However, because of this I have run into significant financial issues. Since I am currently seeking interesting employment I depend on the money I pick up with the TA to keep me ticking over, which it does. But the amount I am waiting on is in the region of £1200, and should have been paid in Oct. Because I have not recieved it, interest payments on other things have crept up, direct debits have been scrapped through, and my personal debt (accrued SOLELY through my time at Uni) has now begun to get a little unmanageable. As an Officer I would never dream of bouncing a cheque, and of course understand fully the consequences of so doing. But what if a cheque were to bounce because somebody else failed in their duty to me?

The essence of this question is this - what sort of comeback do I have here? Could I, for example, reasonably take the MOD up on an industrial tibunal to recover money I have lost through not receiving this pay? Further, has anyone else suffered with this? Exactly what the hell is going on? As I also undestand it an entire COMPANY of my Regt has also failed to recieve theirs.

No civilian company could get away with this. For one thing, if you don't like the terms of your employment, or the way you get treated you can always seek a position elsewhere. Unfortunately the MOD has something of a monopoly on serving in the British Army, be it full or part time, such that quitting in protest amounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Anyway, any ideas? Anyone else with a similar story? I refuse to let this go without a fight.
You are certainly not alone, although I am not aware if there is any means of recourse.
Certainly Glasgow does not proffer any such advice and they won't be falling over themselves to pay lost interest or cover credit cards interest payments.

I once threatened to boycott mess bills until my pay resolved itself...
I was promptly put back in my box by the then Adjt :oops:
Ask to be paid in cash.

I think under the Truck Acts (?) you can do so.
Cry in your sleep is about the only thing you can do.

At least if your in the TA you stand a chance of having a primary income! When mine gets cocked up there is nowhere to turn.

Officers are responsible for checking their own pay and we are expected to keep money aside to coope when Glasgow fcuk up.

Think you get the idea - and get used to it.
You can ask for an advance of pay. Your PSAO or chief clerk can then write you a cheque for the due money - they should have that information avaialble to them. You'll need to give them a post-dated cheque at the same to time to be placed in the bank once your pay comes through.

On the same note I actually refuse to accept the argument of: it's FORGE's fault. The application is a tool to get a job done. Checks should be built into the process to pick these things up long before they become and issue and people aren't paid.


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Your RAO should be able to provide you with a cash payment by you completing a pink aquittance roll (AF????). Basically it is as if you have received an 'in camp payment' whilst on your annual 2-week trg. It will simply be deducted from your pay packet.
Tankie said:
Cry in your sleep is about the only thing you can do.

At least if your in the TA you stand a chance of having a primary income! When mine gets cocked up there is nowhere to turn.

Officers are responsible for checking their own pay and we are expected to keep money aside to coope when Glasgow fcuk up.

Think you get the idea - and get used to it.
It truly baffles me why regulars put up with this sort of abuse by the system. If my civvy employer fails to pay me and I incur costs as a result - they pay. My employment contract states paid on the whatever of each month, these things cut both ways. So when I hear some regular tell me I should just bend over and take it when my pay gets screwed up I have two main thoughts:

1. Get bent;
2. Sort the pay system out.

That's about it really, I'm not going to accept being jerked around because you lot haven't got the stones to make a fuss about not being paid.
the phrase 'don't rely on your TA pay' is one which is accepted far too readily.

The system is often stuffed at regt'l level, but the main prob usually seems to be Glasgow. Not paying mess bills is a reasonable one, as long as they are not too high, my PSAO certainly accepted this from me once when I was seriously let down by Glasgow after my RMAS, when I too was post uni and waiting to start job..

It should also be remembered that as you have to pay to get to TA (and some officers travel very long distances) no TA pay for a couple of months can leave something of a black hole, especially if you've travelled to TA most weekends in the period.

The trouble is what can you do? If it is not unit causing the problem then no point in kicking up too much of a fuss (besides a decent psao will help at drop of a hat). the problem being glasgow, will not be solved until civil servants start to realise they are here to help us, and not that we merely exist to justify them.
Well thanks for the advice offered, not much there I didn't really know, but hey. I didn't mention it either but I travel 50 miles, by public transport, over 2 1/2 hours to get to my TAC for an evenings training and then the same back. Unless I just can't face it, or want to have a beer with the boys, in which case I sleep in my office. This costs over £25 a time, money I do recover, but again it adds a deficit of a hundred pounds a month to my outgoings - or more with weekends.

the possibility of a cash advance on my pay is something I will raise with my PSAO tomorrow though.

as for Tankie - Webbing runs are hard, and I'm used to them. Section attacks are hard, and I'm used to them. Operating on no sleep for 48 hours plus is hard, and I'm (just...) used to that. Not being paid appropriately and promptly for work you've done, over several months, which incidentaly leaves you on the poverty line, isn't hard - it's criminal. Foxtrot Oscar. I find it hard to believe you could write this: "we are expected to keep money aside to coope when Glasgow fcuk up" with a straight face, or without having a sudden epithany. Besides which, how long are we supposed to run like that? a month? Two? Three? Do you have a sufficient reserve for three months? I don't recall that lesson at Sandhurst. Is it only on the Regular course?

I understand your pain here but I'm afraid what Tankie says is an Army truth.

An adj I served with many moons ago was overpaid LOA for his entire tour in Germany. The Army's stance was -- "you should have known this and scrupulously put aside the overpayment so that it is ready to pay back -- oh didn't you do that? Well we're taking it back anyway.". Their solution was to dock an amount at source that left the poor guy barely enough to buy boot polish with. This was done without reference to him by a shiney-arrsed pay clerk even though it was their fault in the first place.

I think that it is a bug in FORGE which 'abends' when transferring its data to UNICOM. I have been paid for all my drill nights but none of my IARs -- and, because I have been supporting The Firm a lot recently in a professional capacity, am now in a similar position to you.

Don't forget, your pay system was programmed by the lowest bidder.

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