Pay is Late and Im Screwed, Ideas Welcome

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jerrycan2793, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. Came home from a course a few weeks back (TA) was informed on Friday that I had missed this months pay run.

    This leaves me in the proverbial because I cant afford to Eat or Pay my Rent on time as I left my civvy Job just before the course started and dont start my new one till the first.

    Any Ideas? Preferably sensible ones. Have looked into all sorts Bank Cant (Possible Wont) Help.
  2. Have you got acces to JPA or an RAO? RAO can still to a pay advance, despite what they may tell you.
  3. My Unit is about 150 Miles away from me and I have no Car at the moment as I lost the company car. I can access JPA as Ill speak nicely to the guys down the road which I have done previously.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Either sell your arrse down the High St or if you don't feel like raising your standards so highly, a much belated visit to those ralatives you have missed so dearly over the years. 8)
  5. I considered selling my Arrse but I didnt know what the correct drills where. Family are a fair distance away and Jock's ask yourself, Would you give your Son,Cousin,etc... money where the education is free to England where it isnt? Instantly you know he is not very shrewd with the cash :p

    But back on a serious note this is concerning, Government wont help because Im not entitled to claim benefits because im a Student. I also dont get any student benefits because I was working when I started the course (Tuition was paid and thats it)
  6. Is it possible for the TA Unit Admin Officer/SNCO to pay you from Regt/Squadron funds (or loan you) a percentage of the money you are due until you are paid by the pay system?

    Are TA allowed an advance of funds before course?

    Is it possible to get an advance of wages from your new employer?

    Is it possible to pay your bills by credit card and clear the debt off in one hit once you are paid and before interest etc is charged?
  7. I dont have a credit card and although looked into have been refused. Good Idea though. I dont know my new employer well enough to find out if I could get an advance of pay, Is this a usual thing? most of my bills are paid untill next month the only thing out standing is Rent £300 and phone £15 the phone is easily solved.

    I considered trying that cash converters shop with the Laptop but I doubt ill get 300 quid for a year old laptop.
  8. How well is your relationship with the landlord?

    Is it possible to contact them and advise them of the situation and make arrangements to pay off two months in one hit after you have recieved your outstanding TA pay?

    I would approach your new employer's Welfare Officer or similar and fully advise them of the problem.

    They will want a happy and trouble free employee as apposed to some body worrying about his next meal, rent etc. (You may be seen as a Admin Nightmare in some quarters!!!). Ask they can only say no.

    Have you any other items that you really don't need/use that you could sell to Cash Converters i.e. fishing kit, weight training kit, old mobile telephone, TV's, stereos, power tools, push bikes etc.

    Use this time to have a good clear out and make some money.

    (You could always sell your TA kit in the ARRSE classified but don't let the QM find out!!).
  9. As you state you are a student, is it possible to have a short term loan from the Student Unions Welfare fund or similar?
  10. It's quiet the norm to allow for an advance upon new employment dependant on the cross over dates, I habitually front money to a couple of lads who seem to spend more money on powdering their noses than paying their bills, explain your situation to the boss.

    If he is agreeable make sure you sign for it then bat out the next months money and account for any shortfall. I would happily lend you £500.00 but your obvious aversion to commitment makes me believe you wouldnt pay me back you part timing TA no mark c*nt ................
  11. I dont fancy selling my TA Kit, I am an admin nightmare but thats only because Im a student. Its like a disease we have bit like officers and the inability to map read
  12. How would you know that ? When your service input in a timescale sense equates to the same amount of time it took Anthea Turner to make Tracey Island out of yoghurt pots and glue?
  13. Juan, as much as I would love to sit and talk time served with you I have slightly more worrying things on my mind. Im a student, Im 22. Im in the TA while Im at Uni. I may not be a full time ARAB like many on this site but I do more than most students. Im sorry I can count to ten rather joining the Infantry at 16.

    Jog On

    Please forgive the sense of humour failure but hardly in the best of moods. The course finished way before the pay cut of date yet people wonder why I dont want to join the Regular Army? oh thats right because they cant pay people on time.
  14. Have you ever seen David Niven in Carrington VC? Job jobbed.

    Though, as JR III states, your service legth won't allow you issue of a PC, let alone a VC.
  15. This isnt the Naafi, can you please try and keep it constructive?