Pay increments

I could be wrong here, not my bag specifically, but every person has a IBD (increment base date?) from the date they enlisted - for example mines in October.

The Mar/Apr is to do with pay increases across the Army as a whole I believe, ie if there was no pay increase in a year you would still get your increment (as long as you satisfy the requirements?)
Mongoose isn't far from 100%!

When first enlisting as a soldier you go onto the new entrant rate of pay (NERP) your incremental base date is set to 26 weeks from your enlistment date (regular) or 12 months from enlistment (TA) at this point you will go on to level 1 ( can be earlier for TA if CMSR and trade course is completed before 12 months) then each year you receive a rise on the anniversary of this date until you reach the top level for your rank. On promotion your IBD date becomes your date of promotion and, again, you will receive a rise on the anniversary. All incremental rises are dependant on satisfactory performance on your annual CR (I think Grade D or above) - TA need to receive the annual COE.

The pay rise as at 1 Apr each year (normally) is as recommended by the AFPRB as long as the Government accepts the recommendation!

Hope this makes sense!!


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