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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 86-john-mahn, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I posted this the other day in the joining up section on a previous thread about pay but got no reply, asking the question to other joiners was probably not going to get me an answer and previous posts have given statements that contradict each other.

    My question is after passing out after phase one and receiving a pay rise to around the 16k mark does it then go up to the next increment level after completing phase 2, and once again after you finish your trade training?

    On top of that do you go up an increment level every year from the day you first started basic or is it a year from your last pay rise?

    Lastly, if your trade choice is in the higher pay band do receive that higher salary straight after phase 2 even though you haven't actually started your trade training yet?

    If that's correct then I believe somebody could be earning 20k within the first 2 years of service which seems to good too be true. I just want to get the pay increment timings accurate so I know what I'm talking about at interview.


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  2. You won't get it until after the course has been passed.
  3. The term you are using is called 'wishful thinking'

    What if you fail to keep up with your chosen trade and get moved into a lower class trade, you'ld have to give all the money back.

    Im sure the army hasnt changed that much, you get paid accordingly by what you are qualified to do.
  4. If you change from higher to lower band you keep the higher pay for a certain time, then it reverts to the lower pay band I think?
  5. Back in the day I was on £23k a year within 11 months of stepping into Phase 1 training.
  6. Thanks for the fast replies. It didn't quite seem right so I just wanted to make sure.

    So would the yearly pay rise be from the first day of basic or a year from the last pay rise?
  7. You start basic on say example 1st of Jan 2011, 6 months later you move from recruits pay (13k?) to the £16k, so £16k from 1st July 2011.

    A year later on 1st July 2012, you will move up a pay band.

    Unless in the mean time you become class 2 trained, where you will skip up a payband, and then continue to move up the paybands every 1st July.

    This is all an example dates wise.

    If you get promoted, then the date you move up the payscales becomes the date of promotion.
  8. How was that? You became a Lance Corporal that quick? I know a lad who made Corporal within 4 years but I didn't think accelerated promotion was that common.
  9. Theres a few jobs where you get it straight out of phase 2 training.
  10. Cheers. I get it now.
  11. Sgt in 5 years is possible in some trades so up to £32,000 in 5 years aint too bad I suppose