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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by thebatoneffect, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Will be finally graduating in May, the Army is something Ive been long considering, Im trying to find out about the different pay levels - is it increment based? If so is it a yearly thing, I cant find anything online with specifics
  2. For a graduate I would've thought you could use the very simple search engine on the Army website :x

    Incase you still can't manage it here is the Link :crash:
  3. yeah Ive been on that link before and amazingly I can use the search function - I even tried it on here before starting the thread, I`ll be clearer - I cant find any info on whether the pay levels/increments increase automatically with time
  4. when in the Army [pensioned off over 25 years ago] I received Para Pay and Army Diving Supervisors Pay.
    Can't see any rates for todays imoluments and would like to know purely as an academic exercise.
  5. Yes, you should go up an increment every year unless you are 'below standard'
  6. Para pay was 2 pounds 12 and 6 back then,dont know what is is now though :)
  7. Memory fades but 50 years ago when I first jumped I seem to remember 5 shillings a day or was it half-a-crown?
  8. nice one exactly the info Im after! Thanks