Pay Increments, please help!!!

Just wanted to know if any of you well informed people out there know what happens when you reach level9 of the pte/lcpl pay range scale. I was told that if you were on 9 and then promoted you could go automatically to level 3 cpl as level9/level 2 are the same and when you are promoted you must receive an increase in pay. Is this true??????

I was also told by someone else that if this happens you have to mark time on level 3 for 3 years. Is this true????????

My PSF not sure.

Thanks :eek:
You will get promoted onto the pay level closest to your current range +2%. You must always get at least a 2% increase so if level one was a 1.9% increase and level 2 a 5%, you would go to level 2. If you assimilate onto a level above 1 you will not have to mark time, the next year you will go to the next level etc. Does your use of the phrase 'PSF' mean that you are RAF? If so the bit you need to show PSF is AP3392 vol 2 lflt 1803 para 8. Don't let them fob you off, this AP is still valid, despite JPA. Cancel that bit - all tri-service now: JSP754, chapter 3, section 7 para 0704-0706. Different wording but, importantly, EXACTLY the same.
The other point is that you DO NOT mark time, this was only during the transition. On promotion you must receive your minimum 2% you then move up the scale on the annual anniversary of your promotion until you hit the top, regardless of which level you are awarded on promotion.
so then paywog, a level 9 lcpl on 70.67, which is the same as a level 2 cpl, on promotion must go straight to level 3 74.13 to ensure they get a rise, is that correct?
If level 2 doesn't give a 2% pay rise then they would go to level 3, and there would be no mark time rates of pay.

1 year later they would be on level 4.

Great news if you go from higher level to lower level and then the next year your job is re-evaluated and is changed to higher level !!

Not that it'll happen to the SPS !! :x


In a word yes! - the 2% gives a minumum rate of pay of £72.08 so the next actual rate is £74.13, level 3 then same time next year level 4 - £75.86 plus next years rise!
thanks matey, i got told by our excellent pay staff that although i havent had an increment rise for 3 years that i wouldnt get one for another 3, muppets!
when i started phase 2 in 03 they moved me from level 7 to level 9, so i have been on max for 3 years. a few months ago tho they took back almost £600 as i shouldnt have moved up, so i had been overpaid a level for a long period.
minimum of 2% rise in pay, so level 9 lcpl will go to level 3 cpl (just like I did) and you DO NOT mark time, your 2nd year as a cpl will see you rise to level 4/Cpl.
whitemouse75 wrote
when i started phase 2 in 03 they moved me from level 7 to level 9
eh? Why would they do that? Level 7-9 being a LCpl level. The highest you should have been as a private should have be 5. You obviously were over paid.

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