Pay increases per year of service?

I am thinking of joining the intell corps and was told that after all training I woulod be on £19628 or something like that but I am looking to know after how long do you get a pay rise??

No doubt other people will jump on you, but it is shortened to Int Corps, not Intell. I'm ex Int Corps, and unless it has changed in the last 6 years, you will get recruit pay for the first 6 months (approx £13000pa) then you will go to Private wage which is about £16000pa. After completion of trade training and JNCO cadre, you will pass out and be promoted to Lance Corporal on the higher pay band, this is currently about £23000pa.

Hope this is of some use to you.

Edited to add:

Basic training will be 14 weeks, you may then have 1-2 weeks leave, then spend about 7 months at Chicksands. You are talking about a year approx before you get to the final figure, pay then rises yearly.
thats a great help, but is there set pay increase increments, like every couple of years?

P.S sorry about the "intell" bit!
gingerslime said:
... and unless it has changed in the last 6 years, ....
Which it has, only it was a bit more than six years ago. Everyone is on what is referred to as a 'pay spine' which has incremental levels which you climb up at the rate of one per year, providing your boss doesn't hate you, until you reach the maximum level for that rank. There is a range of pay for each rank, and the highest rate of pay in one rank is quite a bit higher than the lowest in the next rank, though you will always get a pay rise on promotion (which is to say, you do not automatically start the next rank at the lowest rate of pay). The number of annual increments available for each rank differ, but are in the region of 5 to 10.
Yes thats right, I have just been looking at the pay scales on the armyjobs website. Question answered!

Cheers everybody.

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