Pay increase - Sapper just finished phase 2 B3 course


I am a sapper, currently at 3RSME. I have been in the army 7 months. I have a question about my pay.

In november my pay was £1047.66 GROSS. In December I got some sort of payrise however I am not sure what this was for? My pay is now £1349.51 GROSS. Is this due to the fact i've been in the army for 6 months or is it due to the fact I have completed the B3 combat engineer course? When will I expect another rise and what will this be for?

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me....

Many thanks

Thats probably because you completed your B3. You will then get an annual pay rise on your increment date. You will go up another increment when you complete your A2 and also when you complete your B1 or A1, whichever comes first.
This is what it shows (doesn't mean much to me though)!!

Basic Pay Arrears:

01-NOV-07 - 30-NOV-07: -1047.66

01-NOV-07 - 25-NOV-07: 873.00

26-NOV-07 - 30-NOV-07: 217.75


Due 01-NOV-07 to 30-NOV-07: 43.09

Basic Pay : Annual Salary 15,677.04 (IBD 26-NOV-07)

SLA : Type = G4X Grade = OR2


If you completed your B3 on the 25th of Nov, thats what it is.

first line shows what you were due to be getting, 2nd and 3rd line show how theyve now divvied it up after the pay adjustment.
25th being the date you want to be looking at for your reference. Look at when you moved to TV Troop, etc

SLA is the grade of accommodation yer in,
Grade is your payscale position (Other Ranks 2)

Hopefully a clerk will come along with a more correct answer for you. If not speak to the Lasses in Gib's RAO dept when you get back and they should be able to shed more light on it
You get a pay rise 6 months in this takes you from new entrant pay up to trained soldier pay this date is then your annual increment date. So in your case every year on the 26th of nov you will go up a pay band.
Hold the f uck on here. I've been in the army over two years, I'm on level 2 (sapper also) I'm currently on tour with lsa and you still get paid £100 more than me?

I never went up to level 2 until my 18th month point in the army, yet this guy get it after 6?

also, I was getting £850/£950 odd per month on level one, yet this guy gets over a £1000?

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