Pay increase requirements IBRU

I am a Riflemen and have passed the IBRU course and was told I would receive a pay increase.. Then I was told I need to do team medic aswell and OFT 1 and 2 to qualify.. also is the pay increase up a level or same level but higher pay band.. My clerk doesn't seem to know the answer.. can someone in the know give me the requirements.. thanks boyo's
It was just the IBRU course alone and was told at the presentation about the pay increase from the IBRU qual but I have not received one and been told by members of my company I have to do team medic and OFT's just cant find a clear answer from battalion.. thanks for the replies


Ask your pl comd, your coy 2ic deals with upgrading. And yes for your class 1 you need to do OFT2 I think it is... The one that's the Mile and a half in under 15 mins.
Thanks again for the info.. I have all of these up to date except OFT 2.. I will talk to CoC and will ask one of the PTIs to run one and hopefully get me and the lads class 1

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