Pay increase on promotion - has to be more than xx% ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GazPilot, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. When you get promoted from a rank where you are in the top band what is the percentage that you have to increase in pay?

    ie a cpl at level 7 gets paid more than a sgt at level 1 so would go onto level 2 but the increase has to be more than a certain percentage I understand ?

    Many Thanks

  2. Caveat that with the fact that you may go onto a Stand Still Rate of Pay until your seniority catches your pay level.

  3. Wrong answer!

    Pay rise on promotion is a minimum of 2% (if an addition of 2% gives an actual rate in issue you would get that if not you would go on to the next higher level) then you move up to the next level on annual anniversary. The mark time business was only during the transition to pay 2000!
  4. That is what I believe to be the correct answer, however beware of any backdated substansive dates.

    Take me for example: (confusing to explain but I'll try)

    (1) Selected for promotionon on the SGT to SSGT board dated 06 April 06.

    (2) Recieved my annual increment for SGT 14 April 06. (level 4 up to 5)

    (3) Actually promoted to wearing substansive SSGT on 15 JUNE 06 but backdated to 01 APRIL 06.

    I was surprised, as it normally takes longer and usually comes with a posting, but was pleased to get it whilst in current rank ranged appointment. However when working out my pay rise, taking into account the 2% minimum increase I made a blunder, as the increment was taken from what level I was at as of 01 April 06 and not the level I was actually at on the 15 JUNE 06. (Confused? :frustrated: I am and was)

    So to cut this short of all the toing and froing I did at the pay office, it transpired that even although I was currently being paid at level 5 SGT my promotion date was backdated to before I recieved my increment so my pay rise was taken as a level 4 SGT which workes out I only recieved a 1% pay rise on what I was getting as at 15 JUNE 06.

    Initially p1ssed off, but at the end of the day I'm now able to reach a higher level as a SSGT and obviously be in the running for WO. But to answer the initial question, YES Paywog is correct in 2%, but it is'nt always as clear as mud.
  5. why are you asking for a cpl when you're a pilot (min sgt)? or are you an ex-pilot?
  6. Minimum Corporal...
  7. nope, changed Apr 04. min sgt.
  8. I was using the rank to illustrate the point and I think you will find that the criteria for application for training as an Army Pilot is; to be a substansive LCpl recommended for promotion to Cpl, albeit that you are now given acting Sgt rank when you finish, oh and the small matter of the automatic transfer to the Anti-Admin Corps...

    I should of course mention that the above is my interepretation of the current policy, and therefore liable to be complete rubbish, for a correct version read Annex J to Chapter 43 AGAI's....... unless they have changed that as well!!

    Thanks for the all the answers, I thought it was 2% but I was (obviously) hoping it was 2.5%......
  9. For your average most common answer PAYWOG is correct it is a minimum of 2%, anything outside of the ordinary is ????????