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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ssjmawson, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. I'm joining Manchester OTC in Septemberish and was just wondering (I'm sure many a reg will agree with me) why do the OTC get paid? From what I understand, we can't get mobilised. I know that OTC are used as staff with ACF, but it usually involves a lot of guard and then the mess. It just seems a bit silly, not that I'm complaining!! :D
  2. The Army doesn't pay OTC people anything, it's a cunning ruse. All the money they receive goes straight back into the bar. Pure psychological manipulation...

    It doesn't have to pay for the raw booze either - companies love to sponsor OTCs and provide free stuff. For example, the last exercise in Denmark I was on many years ago was sponsored by Carlsberg, and our civilian task in Scotland was called the Johnny Walker Challenge.
  3. True, then the tax bill arrives
  4. So I get drunk for free, and the army gets all it's money back? Clever buggers......
  5. You wish, it's like any other night on the piss, loses you money, the only diference is the women are uglier
  6. Good luck ssjmawson with MSUOTC.

    I am an ex-member of MSUOTC. But that was nearly thirty years ago!

    I had a great time and the social life was excellent.

    I may see you on the next old boys reunion.
  7. Why should regulars agree that the otc should not be paid? They can be used in article 52 emergencies, the training is recycled when they join as regs or TA and unlike the ACF they are equipped(albeit down the queue) and train to the same rules eg field firing etc as the infantry. For your information in my last TA unit the salary pension lodging etc of the 19 or so regulars was considerably more than the MTD bill for the 260 TA soldiers and officers.
  8. Ugly? I've heard (and seen) otherwise. I'm guessing that's probably uni dependant. :p
  9. THEY PAY YOU!!!!!!
  10. Go to one of the competitions, rarely is a pretty sight to be seen.
  11. Extrader: I can see where you are coming from. However your ACF training comment was a little wide of the mark. Many OTC's will allow ex-cadets to skip 1st year basic stuff as it has usually been covered by around 3* standard. I doubt it would take very long to fill in the holes in subjects such as fire and manoeuvre. So by your arguement, 3* cadets who can prove themselves to be of reasonable competence should receive some money, as they have been given experience that would help them if they joined up.
  12. Never heard of any ACF guy being allowed to skip. Filling holes in F&M? That's the basis of army doctrine and tactics! You can't just "fill holes" with that.
    Allowed ACF nazis to skip ahead breeds a lot of discontent and snobbishness. Hell, in my days even GYCs weren't allowed to skip. You make all your friends in your first year, after all.
  13. In previous years we've allowed people (ex CCF/ACF/Army School) to skip the MTQ1 package as it wouldn't actually teach anything new. However whether or not this is a good thing is a different arguement. Also MTQ2 pay doesn't come into effect until you have done at least one year, so it's still £32/day (ish) for the first bit.
  14. Fair point that if 3* cadets have done up to MTQ1 standard they should be paid. However whethere they should skip the first year is a seperate issue. My original point still holds good and if ACF at a certain level offer capability then yes they should be paid.
  15. Edinburgh doesnt allow ex-cadets to skip 1st year. I had never done cadets before I joined the OTC and it was a huge benefit to people like me to have someone who actually knew what they were doing, especially on the first exercise. Ok, they mite have been bored but it meant that everyone was reading of the same song sheet by the time we got to teh end of 1st year.
    Plus it would seriously pi ss off 2nd year OCdts to have gobby first years swan directly into 2nd year with the attitude of 'at cadets we did it this way... and at cadets we did it that way...' (Not that Im disregardnig ACF/CCF - i wish someone had told me about them when I was younger!) The dreaded 'Cadet Syndrome' is usally beaten out of ex-ACF/CCF by the time they've done MTQ1!!!

    As for pay in the OTC - how else are they going to get recruits? The OTC helps me have money to live whilst im at uni - plus have a few extra beer tokens! OTC has to compete against the TA and students who work in bars/restaurants/shops in order to get recruits and I know that some people in Edinburgh use OTC has a source of money to live off of! And why not? Ive had the best 3 years at uni and made some excellent friends, been skiing, done a royal salute from Edinburgh Castle, gone on a battle field tour and got very drunk in belgium, driven tanks (and I get paid to do this!) - all courtesy of the OTC and i'd recommend it to anyone!!! beats working in a dingy student bar anyday!