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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ostvic, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Are we payed in Euro's or Pounds? If we are payed in euro's who decides on what exchange rate is used and if we find a better one can we use that instead?
  2. You can have your whole pay, or partial pay paid into a German bank. You are then paid this amount in Euro. The exchange rate is dependant on the FFR (Fixed Forces rate). This decides the exchange rate to which you are paid. You can elect to have all your pay into your UK account and transfer the money yourself, but you will loose as you will then be charged a fee each time. Best way is to stick with the FFR, have an allotment sent to your German bank (enough to live on) with the remainder going to your UK account to cover direct debits etc..

    Of course, it is all dependant on your circumstances
  3. If youve got a german bank account then it'll be euro's on your pay slip
    If its a UK account, then pound's, but you can have an allotment to another nationality account.
  4. Whichever country you choose to have your main wage paid into determines the currency annotated on your wage slip. As for the FFR, it's currently fixed at 1.5 Euros to the pound.

    By all accounts, tis best to have enough money to play with in your German account each month. Some of the ATM charges on camps over here are quite scary.....