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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GS750, Jan 19, 2002.

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  1. GS750

    GS750 Swinger

    Now they have been in for 2 weeks, as anybody actually kept an eye on them and seen how the rates change.  Tell you what, if you think the FFR in DM's was bad, you what till the end of the month and then see how much you loose out.
    Bet you wish Euro's were never invented.
  2. The_Tara

    The_Tara Old-Salt

    They were good news for the NAAFI thats for sure a real nice little earner for them with all sorts of "hidden" price hikes. Mind you I doubt NAAFI are alone in Germany and I understand from my Grandad that there were similar price hikes in UK at decimalisation.
  3. The_Monkey

    The_Monkey Clanker

    On the plus side they are all nice and shiny.

    "Shiny Boots, Shiny Mind"
  4. HarrytheB

    HarrytheB Old-Salt

    it does appear as though the NAAFI have 'rounded up a lot but then again wots new
    I like shiny things though .....never seen shiny mud but am willing to buy some .....for the right amount of €
  5. Swaying_Hips

    Swaying_Hips Swinger

    Can someone in Finance tell me how much Mighty Doh Nut gets and calculate his pension for me in Euros, cos am a gold digger and I want to move to France soon!!

    >>>counta da money, counta da money, she sings whilst dangling her purse by her hip.
  6. FFR for euros is 1.6 euro to the pound. NAAFI and banks around 1.5 so who is winning really