Pay In Basic Training?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RoyalWelsh7023, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Anybody with any information on how we recieve our pay whilst in basic?

    I have heard some people say we get £50 cash in first few weeks and then the rest gets payed into our banks monthly?

    Not sure what the crack is to be honest?

    Can anybody shed some light on how much and how often we are payed?
  2. In the first week or so, you have a chance to get up to £150, thats realy just for buying stuff from the naafi.

    I started back end of November, so im not getting a real wage till end of December, But because im on a 2 week stand down for xmas, we all got a £300 advance.
    Im not 100% but the pay after deductions is around £650-700 and its paid on the last day of the month
  3. Thanks for the reply mate.

    What would I spend £150 on in the naffi?

    Things that I forgot to bring or just crap like food and things?

    I am planning on saving for a car whilst at basic so will try and keep my spending to a minimum.

    With all my meals payed for I thought I'd be fine?
  4. It's been a couple of years but my money went on boot polish, whitener, brasso, various items needed for locker layout and anything else that might come in handy.

    Though we were usually either marched down there as a oner or one guy from each section was sent with a list, because if we had time to go to the naafi we had too much free time.
  5. I plan on taking plenty of spair boot polish etc etc with me to basic. I will be taking everything on the Kit List including usefull extras.

    Will I really need to be spending £150 in the naafi?
  6. Depending on when I start basic next year I might have a few months of rent to pay for here in Newcastle.

    What is crack when it comes to that?

    Also I'd have to finish off paying council tax and will still have a phone bill to pay for regardless of when I start basic?
  7. Use the search function.
  8. When I was at pirbright we got 150 on week 1, 60 on week 4 for Belgium and then started getting bank paid on week 7, but was it fuk enough to keep for 7 weeks I'd advise saving back an extra 200 cos the amount of sh1t they expect you to pay for yourself is abismal.
  9. As is your spelling. :wink:
  10. £3.oo a week we used to get !
  11. Christ! Can't buy a pint with that in some places you old b*stard! :)
  12. And in those days we had to send a pound home for mummy to look after it for us, so we could spend it on leave !
  13. :eek:
  14. But you could buy a house for 2k then. :D