Pay how hard can it be?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. I did a lot of training in early July. Before the middle of August the unit contacted me to say I would not be paid before the end of August (rather than at the new mid month pay date) because they had mislaid the signing in sheets.

    Fair enough these things happen. :roll:

    A week later I got a call to say it was sorted and my pay would definately be in the bank on the last day of the month (today).

    Today no pay has gone in, I phoned my unit asking why and they said it should have but if Glasgow were late inputting the Bacs payment because of the bank holiday last monday then the money might not go in until monday.

    How hard can it be? is Glasgow really so inept it cannot get its work done and still have bank holidays? and at what point will the Army start taking TA pay seriously and stop making excuses? :x

    The concept is simple, the TA employes us to work, we work, they pay us how hard can it be? :?

    In the meantime my car is stuck in the garage. I cannot get it out until I pay the bill, which I can't do until he TA pays me. :oops:

    I start a new job on Monday and need the car since there is no public transport from my village. Do you think if I walk the 28 miles the TA will count it as my CFT? :?:

    Someone needs to get a grip on TA pay matters. :evil:

    Regards Cardinal
  2. How come Glasgow gets all the blame, a handy 'blamehound'? my pays is in the only cockup is RESPOD, or whatever it's called now, and that's down to my unit not Glasgow.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    The answer it that it isn't hard, it should be predictable and it should be correct. (Just like MATT2 should be ;) )

    I suspect following posts will make the following points:

    1) You shouldn't rely on your TA pay (which demonstrates your point)

    2) It is the fault of the clerks, not JPA

    3) It is the fault of JPA not the clerks

    4) It is the fault of Glasgow

    5) It isn't Glasgow's fault

  4. Just to stir the pot alittle. It was NOT a Bank Holiday in Scotland only England and Wales so why were the idol civies on holiday?
  5. MOD is based in England?
  6. I can lend you a fiver, if it helps? If I post it now, you might, if you're lucky, get it by next wednesday? :)
  7. pay is based in Glasgow
  8. ^ yes but as they are civil servants owned by MOD.......
  9. Well according to my unit they were not working last Monday.

    Sometimes the unit is at fault, sometimes its Glasgow.

    My point is this the Army cannot get TA pay right, when it does its a mistake.

    Constant excuses and errors in paying reservists should not be the normal state of affairs for a professional organisation (the RN is pretty awful as well, or was when I was in)

    So when will anyone of seniority ever attend to the problem so that TA soldiers cantrain safe in the knowledge that they will get paid swiftly and correctly for their work?

  10. well it wont be in will it, payday is now the 1st of the month and as that is a saturday it wont be in till monday
  11. Some banks have it available on Saturdays, mine does.
  12. Cardinal. Grow some bollocks between your legs and just crack on. You either make a couple of quid from the TA which you can live without or you spend too much time there and should get a life. The door is over there if you don't like it :arrow:

    Are you slightly retarded?
  13. I don't think he is, Stabtiffy, but I suspect you may be! As well as a c*ck, tw8t and, judging my most of your previous posts, an all round bad egg.
    If you require further clarification of how general society also views you, please don't hesitate to ask...
  14. Hear, hear.

    I've been reg, civvy,TA, NRPS and civvy and I can't believe how sh*te the military is at paying people. Any decent civvy firm gets it right first time all the time - what's so hard about that?
  15. The MOD messes up everyones pay at some point not just TA

    Had to wait 4 months for my March pay due to JPA and before that no wages for 2 months due to Pay 2000 teething problems, amongst other problems.

    At least I get my gratuity and pension on time now.