Hi, I joined the TA in Jan this year after leaving Regs and my pay has been all over the place, which I can understand with the moving. Took until June to get a Pay in my bank, was living off epics etc. Anyway, I would like to ask this question as guys who usually deal with pay in the office are all on leave at the mo. Im on an Additional Duties Commitment 4 days a week and also get TA pay as i do one day a week. Ive been told by my unit pay clerk in the past that the pay is supposed to land in my bank on the first of every month for both TA and ADC. This was a bit confusing as in Regs i was paid last working day. But the 1st of August i have just realised is a Sunday. Would anyone have any idea of what day I'll actually get paid. I'm with Halifax bank and the constant mess up with pay is really annoying me! HELP!
The pay run for TA is later than the Regulars due to the fact that we have to work out what days you actually turned up for whereas the Regulars know that you are there every day of the month. TA and ADC pay should hit the bank at the same time however as they are picked up on the same pay run. The pay should be in your bank for the 2nd of August.
One slight caveat. Depending on how your unit runs your pay accounts you may find you have only been paid for days up to and including the 21st of July as this was the cut-off date for this month. The remainder of your days for July (22nd-31st) may be paid at the end of August. Your PSAO should be able to advise you of the cut-off days for every month of the year and how your particular unit administrates your pay.
Every month i fill out attendance registers until the 20th so know about the payrun but was just wonderin of the pay would go in on friday before because i thought the pay had to be on or before your actual pay date, legally?
TA Pay, including ADC is always paid on 1st of the month or the first working day after so your Jul pay will go in on Mon 2 Aug (as long as it has been processed! - cut off is 2200hrs tomorrow - something to do with the one army concept!! I was wondering who got the one ADC this year!!!


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