Pay Gurus help required

Not a gripe about my pay getting messed up (I know it happens to the best of us) but if anyone has dealt with a similar situation, what should I be expecting?

I got my pay statement just after Christmas leave, and found that APC has taken away a pay increment from me, dating back to over 5 years ago, and carried on the motions, leaving me owing the Army around about £3000.

Apparently, this was due to a RUAC check (I reallocated in my first years service after failing my REME Tech course)

My SSA has been all over this, has been fantastic, and has got me back over £1800, and thinks she can get more. However, with Bde too busy with JPA, isn't getting much help from above.

With me being in the last 6 months before my termination starts, will I have to dig into my savings and call it a bad job, or have personnel retrieved their money back?

Also, if I do end up paying the money back, will the money be retrieved before my termination date (I transferred to the reserve), or should I delay my job interviews?

Anyone who has experience with this they would like to share would be greatly appreciated.

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