Pay Guru Advice Required

Can anybody help?
Currently claiming BSA, would/could this stop me from applying for LSAP?
In brief outline how does LSAP work?
On receipt of LSAP, could I then if posted away from current duty station and property apply to exploit the over 37 package and still be in receipt of BSA?
see post below for links..................

To get BSA you must have a 'mobility certificate', if you get LSAP then the house must be for the immediate occupation of you / your family.

You will then have a stable base and have no need for BSA as your kids can live with your wife/husband while you still move about.

Over 37 package will mean the same thing - ie you have a stable base and your kids can go to a 'normal school'

If you own the house at your current duty station for which you have recieved LSAP you have to move accompanied on posting then you can and centurion will charge a base interest rate on the loan you received. Check with LSAP section at centurion for further advice...

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