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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Booming_Through, Dec 22, 2002.

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  1. Does anyone else have problems getting the pay they have earned and deserved at Wattisham? Or are your admin staff inept and retarded also?  ???
  2. I will go with your last choice!
  3. It's your money.  Go and see your section Sgt and ask him to approach the pay WO in the admin office to discuss problems.  If your section Sgt hasn't the balls to do this, approach another SNCO that your friendly with and ask them to speak to the WO.  There is NO excuses for not paying you so long as you've submitted before any of the deadlines (you do know there are deadlines for submitted claims?  I think this is usually before the 16th of each month, after that, tough, you'll get it the following month).  If you have submitted before the deadline, then the pay office is not being run correctly.  Again, it's your money.  What would you do if your bank constantly messed up?  Nothing??  
  4. Iv'e tried and tried, every working day I go to the pay office. The RAOWO is aware of my situation, even one or two NCO's from my dept who have done everything they can to help my situation, but alas I am still not getting the pay I am entitled to at my rank! ???  But thank you for the advice Gunny. ;)
  5. Bad CO

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    I know people who have been in a similar situation and had to wiat for upto 6 months!!  There are all sorts of problems with the pay computer at Glasgow which is very inflexible about such things.  It is also civilianised which doesn't help matters.
    Have you raised the issue with your 2IC/OC?  If it gets serious they should be fighting your case.
  6. Bad CO,

    Your not suggesting a junior rank just goes and bangs on his 2IC/OC's door to moan about his pay?  I thought there was a chain of command involved.  Or have I been out too long?

  7. Soldiers pay is vitally important, if he/she is not getting the right service from the pay office the individual should elevate the issue to the highest possible level as soon as possible.  I do agree with you though Gunny, in my unit, the usual score is you have to put a sheet in requesting an OC Sqns interview, in order to weed out the chaff, this normally has a box for the Tp Comd to add comments...it would of course be fatal for the Tp Comd to put forward the the soldier for interview if he had not at least tried to sort out the problem initially.  Therefore the soldier by applying for an OCs interview has usually had his problem squared away by the Tp Comd...more difficult problems can be passed to the Sqn Comd after initial groundwork by the Tp Comd, the mighty weight of a Crown landing on the RAOs door is normally the only kick required to get inept staff to get the work done or at least get an interpretation of the rules that "Smudger" Smith will understand without the usual you're not entitled don't darken my door bollocks....
  8. Bow Man,

    I think it differs from Regts and Corps, as to the actually procedure (Tp Comd, RE by any chance?), but your right, should ask for 2IC/OC interview, then before it gets there, drivel/whinging should be discarded.  BUT, when it comes to pay, I think it's disgraceful the way some RAO offices carry on.  Too lax, too 'untouchable'.  If I can remember correctly, think I can remember a time when I had stoppages of around £500 cos I was overpaid, which the pay staff should have picked up on.  So over half my pay for a month was gone.  Today, in civie street, if there's a fcuk up with my pay, a phone call induces a bank payment within 24 hours, although I don't know if the Army would instigate something like that because of the sheer numbers involved, or because it slow to change.

    And another thing I can remember is, their slow to give it to you, but quick to take it back.  Something’s never change.
  9. Gunny, you are of course right, but the problem arises due to generally too few people doing the job for too many people, I am afraid the pay office in a Regiment cannot really be held accountable for checking every detail of your pay statement...the individual does have to take some responsibility.  I do hear you though about stoppages, I went into my pay office about three times in as many months to inform them that I wasn't paying the right rate for accommodation (I had just moved out of a quarter and back into the block).  Eventually Glasgow kindly informed me that they had over paid me and where going to take out  £500 in a 1er.  A swift call to Glasgow remedied that, I paid it off in 2 or 3 installments.  The simple fact is that they are not supposed to take money from your pay without informing you first (unless you have signed an advance of allowances and have not cleared it!! In which case you sign to say that it can come straight out of your wages).  They are also only supposed to take up to a certain percentage of your wages at any one time.  The fact is that unless you are proactive with your pay then cockups can become major dramas.  An RAO will generally be embarrassed if his staff have not sorted out a soldiers query and a Sqn Comd has had to get, involved, I mean would the Sqn Comd want the RAO coming around his Sqn to say how incompetent that Sqn is....
    Whilst it may not be the best use of a Sqn Comds time (after all he has HASAW and IIP to consider among other bone tasks), it can be the most effective at getting the results required...particularly if a Tp Comd has been f**ked off enroute to sorting out the problem too....

    As for RE I think you'll find the the clue is in the name and the fact that it says "Signals Moderator" in my signature block is also a big hint......
  10. Yeah, should have noticed that, DOH !!    

  11. Interesting to see that you think Ground Support Flight Flight Comdrs in aviation actually give a ******* about the troops, my experience says no. after all the majority have no command experience, no contact with lads (12 months at Sandhurst, then a minimum of 18 months on the pilots course) at best a six month Infantry attatchment as an "assistant" pl comdr, then a few months in a squadron = instant captain, who didnt join up to work with troops anyway.
  12. Ground Support Flight Flight Comdrs in aviation actually give a ******* about the troops, well only if they dont have to fly................

    I had a couple in the last 13 years and the only ones that made a differance where LE and not AAC, Strange or what........ :-[
  13. Thats a fair one, most LE's are quality blokes, some cnuts though, just like any other social group, at least they aint 21 and chinless who want to fly fast jet but didnt get the right degree........
  14. The way the Corps has gone just recently (employing other arm LE's) is a step in the right direction. Blokes who have a wealth of knowledge man managing and whos sole job is to look after the guys on the shop floor. Hopefully we can educate true blues to be more than QM, RSO, MTO and actually have a vocation as FARP Comd.

    PS I'm back for a week or two!

    ''Prepare my ship, the force is strong with this one''.
  15. No we are starting to make sense, what else do we do right ????

    Answers here please____________________