Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by top_soldier, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. The Govt only kept to its 2.5% NHS pay increase because it couldnt face an all out strike by staff during an election!
    Dont forget these are the same people who decided not to honour the independant DDPRB recommendation and have even forced General Practitioners into a 0.5% pay reduction
  2. How convenient - but the Government should ask themselves this question. "How many NHS Consultants, GPs, dentists, nurses and medics put their lives on the line to treat and care for patients? :?

    These DMS staff are working flat out in hostile environments - sometimes coming under fire themselves, to ensure that the troops on the ground get the very best treatment. The NHS, who do sterling work, cannot compare to that type of selfless commitment. The 2 types of work cannot be compared - therefore, stating that Government policy is in line with what the NHS are getting is stupid.

    The Government is once again caught giving away millions (to any cause that they feel is deserving) with one hand - and trying to save money by penny pinching with the other. :pissedoff:

    Maybe the Government and MPs should be compared to others of their ilk - Chimpanzees, and be paid peanuts! :twisted:
  3. The majority of nurses (and a substantial number of the consultants/doctors) currently putting their lives on the line ARE NHS nurses and doctors via the TA.
  4. Not sure about the term "Majority" but the point is mute

    - when on Operations, they get paid the same as their regular counterparts................ less the Pay rise - which none of them got..........................
  5. I thought deployed TA were paid at their civi rate (if more than Reg pay) to ensure they were not financially disadvantaged by going out?

    So if the article is right that Regular Medics are on less than their NHS collegues, then on deployment I suggest they keep their pay packets well hidden... :oops:

    I know when I get my annual reporting letter it is always accompanied by a 'fancy a tour' letter. They say they will match my pay and pay my pension contributions for me.

    Maybe they shouldn't have fcuked me about so much when I was in and I might just have considered it!
  6. It is the majority of nurses as the hospital sqns are now made up of TA plus occasional reg units and the Danes last year. Certainly not for anyone else.

    Most of us found that our pay went UP when we deployed, mine certainly did. There aren't that many who didn't (barring the odd dentist or surgeon). The army equivalent was more than civvy salary and TA element combined for many.
  7. I'm just going on what the article said in the OP. If the pay is better in the army then why the fuss over the pay rise? If the army pay is better then it wont stop people from joining, If civi pay is better then the army has to match it on deployment. I certainly know my pay was always better than my civilian collegues until I hit the top Captain pay. No Major jobs open to me and therefore i was marking time promotion and pay wise. I left and am now a band 8 on better money and the only barriers to my promotion are my ability, not a blanket ban on promotion waiting for dead man's shoes.
  8. OK, perhaps next they could cancel REME pay increase because of an inexact civilian comparator. And then who?

    Or if they have future scenario, deployment and casualty rates that justify decreasing the size and experience/skills of the medics, perhaps they could be promulgated (at least within DMS), rather than just going for haphazard attrition approach to downsizing?