Pay for training before attestation?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I did all my TAFS and a bit of other training before attestation, having been told pay will be backdated. I have now been told that it's not usual to get paid for training before attestation. Is this right? I did about £500 worth of training before attestation and so being a poor student would be further into my overdraft than I should be. I didn't join the TA for the money, but it would be nice to recieve what I was told I would get.

    I don't if this is the best forum to post in, so Moderators feel free to move it.
  2. Looks like you've dipped out, fella.
  3. In most cases I would imagine that the pay would be entered "back dated". Best speak to your PSAO
  4. Sounds a bit poor.

    How much did you do? The only weekend you would not be payed for would be the selection weekend unless advised otherwise. Questions to ask self: Done any weapon handling? Handed anything marked Restricted? (don't answer that one), done anything a civilian would not normally do?

    If you were not eligable for pay then you were not under military law so did not have to obey any commands at all, nor indeed were you insured in the case of any accident or injury, would be unsuitable to handle weapons and if your clearance was not through (often it is that which delays attestation) then no information above unclas should have been passed your way. I believe there would be some people who would be very interested in this situation. Are you now attested?
    It's a shocking state of affairs and you'd be right to make complaint - put it to your section/det comd, if that doesn't work go to plt/troop Sgt, if no success then Troop Comd, 2IC, OC, CO.. Obviously you need to give them each sometime, but I wouldn't advise you jump straight over everyones head with a letter to the boss.

    TA_s starts stiring things: Hmm, did you ever get a bruise, slight ankle injury or anything on TAFS? Did you know you have a duty to report this..
  5. I did do some weapons handling (on TAFS), and worked on a maintenance weekend.
  6. Shouldn't really be a problem - it's all put through as backpay when your number finally turns up. Try getting an individual pay sheet (PSI's office), fill in all the dates you did yourself and get a SNCO or Officer who knows you were there to sign it off and pass on to the admin bods.

    I'm guessing it was your recruit team that told you this? Probably worth pointing out the training you did, weapons handling etc (I don't think civilians are normally eligable to handle SA-80's, although it sometimes occurs). Go through the chain of command, query the pay valid points to raise a)you earned it, b)insurance risk, c)weapon handling was prob dodgy then, d)it doesn't give you much faith in the unit concerned (retention!!.

  7. You shouldn't do anything before being attested and receiving your Army number.

    Your unit is wrong if you do training with them, before this, as you're not insured.
  8. I never mentioned something which perhaps maybe helpful, it's more complicated than it first seems.

    I joined a unit as a recruit, did training for about 3 months. Became a DETAPO and got transfered to another unit, at which point my soldier number appeared. The unit I transfered to is the HQ sqn in the same regiment as the one I did my recruit training with, so I shouldn't see a problem. It's just the unit I transferred to is now responsible for paying me?
  9. I know I wasn't allowed do anything at all before being attested. Even PT with the recruits, it was made 100% clear to me that I was there as an observer, and it was my own choice to run with them. I wasn't allowed to do TAFS or anything like that.
  10. I joined as a recruit with other recruits, intending to be a tech. Somehow ended up going down the DETAPO route.
  11. If it's just the same regiment then all the money comes out of the same pot anyway so it doesn't really matter which squadron is sorting out your pay paperwork, as long as they have evidence that you attended. Get yourself stuck into the PSI's, PSAO's, whoevers in-tray - they're there to help. Additionally as a DETAPO it may be worth mentioning something to someone appropriate in your brigade training team?
  12. As a student and money is so vital if they screw you for the cash, work out you hourly rate then skive off for the number of hours they owe you over your length of service. Dead easy they send you off in a vehicle for a couple of hours pull up and have a kip for a hour or 2 then just say you got lost. Or if you joined for the crack, beer with the boys & drink more than you get paid chalk it up to experiance & let it go. Screw the nut make some great life long friendships and have a good time.

    Good Luck