Pay for ODP's in the regulars

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by madclaret, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering what the salary is for a qualified ODP. Am currently in the TA and am looking at transferring into the regulars.
    Hope someone can help.
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Two hobnobs and a tour every 9 months!
  3. Bollc0x never got a hobnob
  4. Stay in the TA unless you want to be fecked over and shat on.....Damn I should do recruiting for the AMS :twisted:

    Why do you want to join with AFC on the go????
  5. theyre in my drawer.
  6. OTT, ODP, ODA whatever!!! They get paid far to much for doing so very little!!!! Glorified floor cleaners :D :D :D

    Become a pill pusher at least they EARN their wages!!!!!!!
  7. they dont clean floors anymore, they have 'housekeepers' for that.
    Should have stayed OTTs, these new fangled ODPs cant drink and would rather spend the evening on their X-Box than nailing nurses!!
  8. Now we're talking :twisted:
  9. Too true, I am a nurse and I have never been nailed by an ODP. In all fairness I am a bloke with a face like a slapped arse and being under the age 40 I have never met an OTT. As for not mopping floors, bolshaviks, they mop and clean like the nurses used to. I suggest the originator of this thread does nurse training and joins up to be a theatre nurse that way he will stand a chance of getting passed WO1.
  10. i fully agree with primroses comments and also being part of the all consuming grey mafia ponder the use of ODPs when they could perhaps be replaced by comissioned nurses. As for the cleaning and preparation of the theatre i dont care who does it along as it is not me...... hoorrrrraaaaahhhhh for the ODPs i'll pass you the mop!
  11. primroseandblue wrote:

    The grey mafia have ascended to better things like damp dusting mopping floors not too good for the back you know :(
  12. Ahh, the sacred art of the damp duster. I, and every nurse, have taken a vow to protect the ways of my vocation: Non malifence, Benificence and damp dusting. No ODP will ever take this last bastion of Nightingales art away.
  13. primroseandblue wrote:

    and that most obvious art of talking a load of codswallop :roll:
  14. All hail the grey mafia, at the current rate of expansion, they will control the DMS soon.

    Nurses, overpaid, overfed and full of shiit :wink:

    I might add QA nurses here
  15. over paid over fed and full of all other professional trades then, as we take over it is well to remember that it is only the weak who surrender..and i see no fighting back