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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Thread_Bear, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Last year (Oct 06 - mar07) i was appointed the possition of Acting Sgt out on tour out in Bosnia.

    I still havent been paid a penny, i appreciate JPA problems but this seems to be a little bit excessive!.

    I am a REME full screw on the higher band getting paid £70.67 when i took on the roll of Acting Sgt, should i have stayed on the higherSgt band or dropped to the lower Sgt band? because nobody seems to know.

    Sgt daily rate: £73.29 (lower band) = £2.62 per day extra
    £79.99 (higher band) = £9.32 per day extra

    Hope someone can make sense of this problem, thanks in advance for any help.

  2. You should have stayed on higher band.....was you acting rank applied for and approved by REME MCM or was it local?

    If it was approved by MCM then you should have seen it on your pay statement i.e Sgt TB

    If it was local then the BLMF pay office should have actioned what is called substitution pay which i think is reviewed every month.

    Did you take over from 4 or 1 Bn REME?
  3. I actually took over from the Green Howards, I got trawled to support the Welsh Guards, but when i got there 5Bn (or 19css Bn) were running the show.

    I actually got trawled by MCM Div and granted acting rank by them. However like always they lost the paperwork. hence the fact i havent seen a penny. so nothing has actually been on my pay statement.

    The clearks at my place are convinced (even if you are on the higher band) when you get given Acting Rank, you automatically drop to the lower band regardless.

    i was hoping for some back pay of around £1314 but instead i have been told the back pay will be £366 for my efforts!

    im not convinced,

    can anyone shed any light on this

  4. When granted acting rank you receive the pay at exactly the same rate as if you had been promoted Sub - no question, it may be though that your trade is higher band as full screw but lower as Sgt, in which case you would get the lower band but a minimum of 2% increase for the period, clerks should be able to confirm the band profile of your trade. - If not geting any sense have a word with your FSA or RAWO (used to be RAOWO!) one of them should be able to get thngs sorted for you, do you still have a copy of the paperwork granting acting rank?? - may help. Feel free to PM me if f you don't get any further and I'll do some digging for you.

  5. thanks paywog,

    we dont drop to lower band until SSgt (Artisan) so i should be looking at a tidy amount of back pay....

    All i have to do now is convince the pay clerks!

    Thanks for your help.
  6. I'm sure I said that above.........never mind.......
  7. Frocked leaders get higher pay in the UK forces? Hmm... don't I wish that was the case in the US Army! We take E-4 Specialists and laterally promote them to E-4 Corporal to fill E-5 slots when there aren't enough sergeants! I spent several months in such a position before getting my stripes then later on served in an E-6 slot for almost a year before making my SSG!
  8. Acting rank on tour only. No Local rank allowed, as it then can lead to all sorts of problems if you get slotted whilst 'local'. I believe this stems from Iraq when a Local Col(?) died and his widow rightly expected a pension equating to the rank he died in. The Army didn't quite see it that way, but I think she won her case in the end.
    Hence, no Local rank on tour now.

    I'm still awaiting acting rank pay backdated to last August... Apparantly it is in hand (have seen the e-mail trail from Adjt to Glasgow and back). It is all down to, you guessed it, JPA!
  9. Oh good-I took up a new post in march with acting rank and am not holding my breath for the money. It is not a huge sum but it is the principle - everyone owed money should use the grievance procedure. It can be dealt with by MCM divs, but they can't be arrsed