Pay following promotion after phase 2

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by why_did_i_do_it?, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Ok i finished my phase 2 trade traning (int corps) in November and was therefore promoted to LCpl. I am still waiting for the pay rise for this promotion and wondered if it was the same in other corps?

    Although I'm not that bothered because i'd only spend the money if i had it, now i get a nice load of back pay! :D

    I've heard some stories of it taking up to 9 months within the Int Corps to recieve the back pay and pay rise. My WO believes i should put a comment to the CGS briefing team as it is very common in the corps, (as far as 'm aware no-one in my training squad has recieved the pay rise yet) but i thought i'd put a question on here first.

    it probably is an Army thing and like i say i'm not at the stage where its annoying me. (yet)

  2. Oh yeah i also would like to point out i am fully aware how lucky I am to be in a corps where you are promoted on completing of phase 2 training. Just in case this sounds like a whinge.
  3. Monty Python 4 Yorkshireman.... Reet, That were nothing. In my Corps we never even had LCpl, best I could manage were Cpl.

    Have your RAO published your promotion yet ? If not ask why and take it from there, if they have PM me some details and I'll check.
  4. Thank for your reply,

    Don't know if my RAO has published it yet as i'm not posted in the same place as the rao and get told very little on the admin side of things. However i am told that it only gets part 2d or something when my course report arrives. Well the report arrived about 2 weeks ago. So i'm guessing it SHOULD be part 2d and then i should get the back pay in next months pay.
  5. See your company training officer - he is responsible for informing the RAO of your course attendance and whether or not you passed.
  6. ok will try that. This may sound bone but surely the fact that i passed out of training and was posted to the unit would alert the RAO of this. Again many thanks.
  7. Ok just checked this months (28 feb) pay statement on Army net and i'm still on Pte's wages. Since the last post I have found out that most of the training squad have recieved their pay, including the other three posted into my Bn (but Different coy). I am also not recieving LOA or being charged for food and accommodation. I have brought this up with my coy clerk with no result.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at all of where to go next?

    My acting CSM, Sect OC and 2i/c are all aware of this situation.

    I don't have a problem with the lack of pay just the way that it has now become accepted as "just the way it always happens" when it is wrong. I also have a strong feeeling that Food and Accom will be taken off me before I receive the pay incease and back pay. Although I am not a post graduate entrant I would imagine that this would cause big problems for those who have to pay off a student loan.