Pay F*ck up!

Just got a pay statement, and it still shows my daily rate as being £35.30! Who do I talk to about this? I've told the E2 clark at my unit (Im TA by the way) and he doesn't seem to want to do anything. The other thing is, in total I earnted £213.84 including somthing called "DR BAL C/FWD £15.67" yet I got £213.84 taken away with income tax... And at the bottom it says "Pay account etc £15.67".

It looks like all I'm getting paid is this DR BAL C/FWD, and my income tax deduction is everything I should be making.....
A little help please!!

DR bal c/fwd is an overpayment you've received.

you must have received too much pay in the past and its being taken back
Can it also be if you're underpaid? Its in my Entitlement column and its the only part of my pay that's not going to Income tax. I'm working in our Med Centre 2moz and will ask about it then, it's just I really want my money!!

mate, i've heard of people receiving minus figures in their monthly statements. nothing would suprise me!
You really need to speak to whoever deals with your pay - probably your sub unit AO, if not try PSAO who should point yoi in the right direction. If all else fails speak to the RAO

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