Pay enquiry


I am looking to join the army and have been told that people have been turned down at the selection stage for having to much debt.
What is an acceptable and and non acceptable amount of debt to have?

Also if i were to be accepted i understand that whilst in basic training you are given a percentage of you wage and then the rest when you finish, is this correct and how much do you receive a month or a week?

Many thanks for any advice posted in response to this query.

And appologies if this is posted in the wrong area but i was unsure where to put it.


Debt can be a bar for entry into the Army. If you decide to apply the recruiter at the careers office will chat to you about this. As a rough guide if you have payments of £245 a month or more you will not be able to complete an application.
If you search the fora, you will find this has been covered before, with estimates of how much you will have in your hands at the end of the month.

Let's not confuse the debt either; a mortgage will not be considered in the same way as half a dozen store cards and credit cards, each with squillions of pounds on them.

I haven't heard of the £245/month figure before, but that sounds a suitable reference point for the recruiters.



Would you be able to direct me to any particular areas to start searching in i am keen to find out as much info as possible.

Many thanks
I am at University and have a student loan debt up to £20K. but i am in the TA and have an interview with the NAVY and ARMY in June.
Nothing was said about my debts.