Pay During Phase 1 Training

Think I got the right forum for this question - apologies if I aint.
The pay during Phase 1 - is it paid monthly at the end of every calendar month. For example, during training you would get say three individual monthly payments, into the bank, assuming it only takes you 14 weeks to complete training.
Or, with the exception of the first few weeks where you get cash in hand, is the remaining money that you earn, kept back until the end of training and given to you in one lump sum.
Would appreciate any input from people, should of asked at the Selection Weekend but it didnt pop in to my mind.
You do not say which ATR you are going to?

However here is what they do at Pirbrite:

9. Pay. During your first week of training you will be paid the sum of £40.00 in cash. From then on you will be cash paid, on a weekly basis, with the remainder being paid into your bank account at the end of the month. Therefore, you should, if you do not have a bank account, open one before you report to the Regiment to start your training. There are facilities for opening a bank account with the Royal Bank of Scotland or Abbey on your arrival. That aside, the pay system will be explained to you in detail during your first week in training. It is suggested that you bring some money with you (£10 - £20 will suffice) to enable you to buy items prior to your first payment on the Thursday of the first week. You also need to have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover any direct debits that are due to come out in your first four weeks of training.

You will receive Joining Instructions which will detail the procedure for your ATR
Cheers for that bud - just curious so I know how much money to set aside to keep debit payments sweet, before I go - a weight off my mind cheers.
Will be going to Winchester, assuming I get my Phase 1 date before the switch around when Litchfield closes.
actually, that was different from how we had it at lichfield, only got payed in hand once at £50 the rest went straight in thru bankpay, clerks there got the admin sorted pretty quick. that wasnt all that long ago
omg phase 1 pay i think at ATR Winchester we got payed 150 cash into are accounts and 150 put away for a lumpsum after we finished are training this happened every 2 weeks.

I think the first payment is cash in hand though, there sly though they make you pay for a tracksuit and jumper, which you will wear when not in combats.
i got paid 200 pound cash week one but had to give 80 pound back for admin stuff and then got paid another 200 yesterday again in cash and getting money into my account before new years! i started basic 3rd december
at bassingbourn, you are given £200 cash. which will suffice you for for 4 weeks, and then the rest gets payed into your bank acount.

i am deducted 116.56 deducted for food, 17.98 for accomadation 58.88 NI,D, and 110.80 tax. from 1047.66
Chris_2oo6 said:
sjm88 said:
itc you get paid last day of every month, £1040, 180 taken off for food and accomodation etc, £860 spending money.
lol you having a laugh??

840 spends.. try about 700
well considering you've been at battallion for a while now and im in week 20 of itc...who's gonna know best? Not being a pr*ck just fact.
well consider this

my basic pay is 16,110

recruit pay is what 12k???

and i only take home 900 a month after food tax + accom

the most i seen when i was in catterick was about 750 a month, max

some months we were getting 600 odd
£1040 a month, £180 taken off for food accom and a few other things, £860 in the bank to do what i like with, hasnt changed for 20 weeks.
blatant lier

what about PAYE + NI?

heres a sample of 1 of my payslips , via armynet.. from when i was there

£ 729.28 29 MAR 2007
liar? by calling it how i see it, hmm, i dont think so somehow. Nothing to lie about, if i get £860 spending money then i get £860 spending money, simple, why is that so hard to comprehend hmm?
All i care is i get over £600ish and it goes into my bank to pay for the car and insurance etc..
sjm88 said:
liar? by calling it how i see it, hmm, i dont think so somehow. Nothing to lie about, if i get £860 spending money then i get £860 spending money, simple, why is that so hard to comprehend hmm?
well theres something wrong with your pay then

im on level 2 private pay and i only see 850-900 a month

and im on an extra 4 grand a year