Pay during Basic Training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dave perry, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi i have just passed ADSC with a high B grade so it looks like next dates for Basic are after Christmas. I was wondering how it works during Basic for being paid is it into your bank account monthly, I have been told by a couple of guys it is paid at the end of 3 months training, is this true as my recruiter never mentioned this.
  2. You get paid on the last working day of every month, its the same through basic as well.
  3. Thanks and is it straight into your bank account during basic as was told it was in cash which would be pretty bad for me as have a wife and would need money to be available for her,
  4. Its in the bank. But depending on when in the month you join you may not get a pay at the end of the first month and may get 5 weeks pay at the end of the second month.
  5. Thanks for that and just finally any clue roughly on the final monthly pay after deductions
  6. you should take away 800ish a month
  7. All this will be explained by your Recruiter and when you get your Joining Instructions closer to the time. In your first week you will get a small cash payment and then every week until you start getting bank payments on the last working day of every month. You have to make sure your family is going to be ok financially until that point though and this would of been discussed about debts/outgoings in your interviews before and at ADSC. Your best bet is go and speak to your own Recruiter regarding this and look on the official Army web site on the joining pages and they will lead you to the updated Joining Instructions to date explaining all of this for your specific Phase 1 establishment.
  8. Just to follow on from what has already been asked. Out of the £800 at the end of the month, disregaurding things such as bills, gfs etc. What are you likely to spend while at basic. I.e there can't be much to spend it on, cant go the pub etc. So what are weekly expenses likely to be during basic?

    Hope that makes sense, and sorry for hijacking your thread.
  9. You also don't seem to go to Belgium for the Realities of war trip which incured a contribution fromn your wage packet.
  10. Yeah I noticed that when I was looking at the Catterick training programme on the Army website. I think at catterick they used to take you on week 20 or something like that, but it seems they've scrapped it now.
  11. My platoon didn't go to Belguim because they couldn't afford to send us, on the upside we got an extra long-weekend off!
  12. Shame, I was looking forward to doing the realities of war trip when I go to Pirbright. Still...if we get an extra long weekend?
  13. Nah you go to The National Memorial Arboretum instead i think.
  14. I don't know about Pirbright but when I left Catterick nobody was going on the tour, it was just an extra weekend off instead.
  15. that's a shame if the realities of war battlefield tours have indeed been scrapped i was looking forward to the experience. i have been to arnhem a few times but ypres or somewhere similar would have been something different to take away from training.