pay during basic training and phase two training.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by corr, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. can any one tell me what the pay is during basic training and phase two training??
  2. Focus on selection first rather than pay for phase 1 and 2 would be my advice
  3. Pay, you want pay!!
    Good grief man (?) you'll be getting some of the best Fitness, Self Grooming, Self Confidence,Weapons Training, Map Reading Training, Running About Like a Silly Bugger Because Some Cnut with Stripes on his Arms Tells You To Training, Three Square Meals a Day and a Roof (well a Basha at the very least) over your head and you want paying!!
    You should be paying the Queen. Look what she's saving you.
    Weight Watchers membership.
    Gym fees.
    YHA Membership.
    British Mountaineering Club subs.
    Gun Club Divies.
    Gun License rigmarole.
    Worries about what you're going to wear to work.
    Bus fare/Petrol money for travel to work.
    Tsk. Wouldn't have happened In My Day.
  4. ha ha ha ha ,
    u sound like great craic mate
  5. It's true, ask anyone who knows me.
    You however sound like a complete throbber.
  6. throbber??????
  7. I wouldn't worry about pay.

    You wont have time to spend it.

  9. Basic pay rates are available on the army homepage for both Reservists and Regulars.
  10. Been told that on phase one you end up with about £700 in your hand after deductions.
  11. Reduced to £10.53 after you pay your Regimental subs, Sqn subs, bought your regimental T/shirts, Sqn T/shirts, Regimental sweat shirts, Sqn sweat shirt, Sqn tracksuit and finally replaced all the equipment you lost on ex 'first Basha'. 8O