Pay drop on transfer

I have transferred from the infantry (LCpl level 9, higher band) to the RLC. I was told that I would keep my pay whilst course, and on completion of my course be given acting Cpl. I was told that I could not take a pay drop as you cannot be simultaneously given a pay drop and be promoted.

However, my transfer was rushed through as I was in the redundancy bracket in the infantry. My new trade did not want to loose me, so pushed to get me transferred over early.

This has resulted in a pay drop of £4,000 a year without warning (LCpl level 9 lower band) I have a wife daughter and mortgage and we are really struggling to stay out of our overdraft. All our financial commitments were made while I was on higher band as i did not see this coming.

I just want to know if I am on the correct pay.

Yes, I have searched for a similar old thread. No, i do NOT have access to speak to a pay clerk.


You don't need to speak to your clerk.

Speak to your RAWO/RAO, as you are in such dire financial straits this is a matter of some urgency.

I was under the impression (although this is more opinion than fact) that regardless of promotion, etc. you didn't drop your wages for a about 2-4 years when transfering to a less well paid role.

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