pay dilemma, please help

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by adampoo, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, i need a big favour.

    I have just been promoted to Sgt, but im having a drama with back pay.

    Heres whats happened.

    Just got a letter through saying i was promoted to Sgt on 06 July 2006. However due to tours/courses etc I have only managed to get the required courses done recently. On 06 July 2006 I was a Cpl Higher band pay level 4. My IDD date was 02 Oct. I have been on Cpl Higher band 7 just until i recently got promoted.

    What band Sgt should i got to? Should i be a band 4?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Is your promotion being backdated to 6 Jul 06?? - wouldn't have thought so. Looking at your IDD dates etc am I right in assuming you have recently passed a CL 1 Course and received accelerated Incremental progression

    Need to know actual promotion date before I can offer any further advice.

  3. Yes it is being backdated to 06 july 06. I passed a course that qualified me to get an extra increment increase.

    Cheers fot the help
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Your pay should be worked out as if you had actually been promoted in Jul 06. As you were higher band Cpl level 4, on promotion (still on higher band I presume) you would have gone to Sgt level 1 with a new IDD date of 6 Jul 07. On 6 Jul 07 you would have gone to Sgt level 2 and then with your course giving an increment, moving to Sgt level 3. Your IDD date would now be showing as 6 Jul 08.

    That's how it looks to me.

    Edited to add - if you were one of those poor souls who were moving to Lower band on promotion to Sgt you would now be on Lower level 6. Don't be disheartened however as this is still lower than Higher level 3.
  5. Yeah its higher band.

    So will my back pay basically be the difference between what i should have been earning as a Sgt when I was a Cpl? Do you know what i mean?

    Cheers for the help
  6. I find it very hard to believe the system is going to allow you the best part of 2 years back pay especially when you have only recently passed the course to qualify you for the promotion!! Have you had this confirmed in writing? - If this is the case then, yes you will be paid as if you had been a Sgt - if you live in ensure your increase in accn isn't also backdated!

  7. Yeah it is in writing, go t a letter from mcmdiv. Well happy! Thank you very much for all the help, i really appreciate it! I will let you know how much i get!

    Cheers :D