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Hello, I am joining the Army soon and was just wondering if 12,571.92 pounds is my "take-home pay" as a "New Entrant" or will there be deductons for accomadation and food etc. And can anyone tell me what deductions are made from my pay and how much they will set me back?



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Thats your Gross pay.

You have Tax and NI contributions to come off that also Accomodation charges, and possibly food charges. Then there are such pleasentries as Regimental subs and a miriad of other things.

You'll probably have just enough left, each month, for a pint of mild and a bag of chips.

What Regt/Corps are you joining?
Cheers for the reply dingerr. Joining the Royal Corps of Signals as a Communications Systems Operator, then going to apply, directly after Phase 2, for the AAPPS course, and hopefully join 216 Parachute Signals Squadron.

Does anyone have any idea the exact amount that will be deducted from my Gross Pay?
Is CS Op high pay band?

If not get a trade that is, there should be plenty in the Sigs.
well in scotland they said...after tax NI accomodation etc etc etc, it is £700 a month ish.

sry was pissed when i type it, fixed it now

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