Pay Deductions for gas & electric

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by extankie, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody know what the ruling is on deducting pay. About 15 people on the estate I live on in Dhekelia have all been charged around £1000 Cyp on average for a years worth of gas and electric. The adjoining estate have payed an average of £600 Cyp. Around the 20 Oct we all had nice little slips telling us that on the 31 Oct we would be deducted on average £400 Cyp from our pay.
    What I'm asking is what is the most they can take. After all its our pay and it seems we dont have to sign to agree to this deduction or have a choice. My neighbour has been left £140 for the month of Nov (married and 2 young kids), and I'm not much better off.
  2. 02.05501. Minimum Rates.

    a. MROP issuable to a serviceman, whose pay account is in debt or is subject to authorised deductions or stoppages, is expressed as a proportion of his "Relevant Net Emoluments". A higher rate applies to servicemen who have to meet the additional cost of maintaining their families. The minimum rates are intended to cover all living expenses, including rent, and are as follows:

    (1) Maristat 1, 2, 3: 75% of relevant net emoluments.

    (2) Mariistat 4 and 5: 50% of relevant net emoluments.

    (3) Minimum rates are to be calculated on the Relevant Net Emoluments and Charges, as detailed below, for an average 30-day month.

    The full rules are contained in PAM Part 2 Chapter 5 Section 11.
  3. Tankie,

    I live fairly near to you and have come to realise that the whole fuel & light saga is a lottery. Dependant on where you live and the type of quarter you have (old-no central heating or new - central heating) the discrepancies are enormous.


    I live in an old quarter with no CH or mains gas supply. In the past six months I have used 2 bottles of gas to the tune of £CY9.00.
    My electricity is based on the UK system of fixed payments per month where you can end up in credit or get a bill at the end of every quarter. I've paid out £CY200.00 and just received back £CY160.00.

    So to summerise, my total fuel & light costs for 6 months of average use has been £CY49.00

    There are rumours circulating about the very high gas bills on the new estate in Dhekelia, something about wrongly connected mains supplies and meters. I know this post does not directly answer your question, it's just to make you aware of the vastly different pricing.

  4. You're in Cyprus..WTF are you complaining about? :)
  5. I'm not, mainly because I pay a pittance for utility bills and can't spend the LOA! :D
  6. I'm not complaining about life over here. It's f*&^%$g great, even if it is expensive. Those here who have served in Germany or UK will appreciate you really do need LOA to make ends meet.

    Geordie I'm on Nicosia court, so I'm kind of in the middle with regards to the housing and bills over here. But it seems the square of houses I'm on have all paid around a $1000 cyp for the year. I pay £170 for 1/4 and £50 to the budget scheme (if you can call it that). I could rent a 3 bedroom beach house on the strip for that and have bills included lol.

    Thanks for the advice at-ease.