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I don’t normally bother to look at my army pay slips. Tonight I have and I’m a bit confused :?

This month I’ve had total deductions of £158.97…
Looking back over past months I’ve had deductions of £257.45, £43.44, £90.35, £28.80, £90.35, £2.60, and so forth…

I don’t understand why my deductions are fluctuating so much, or how they can reach such high/low amounts?
They’re all for PAYE and daily food charges.

I’m a STAB and average around 3 drill nights and 1 weekend a month.

Surely any deductions someone like me would rack up should be of a similar amount each month?

Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?
I thought I’d ask here first before speaking to my PSAO and looking like a nosher over what probably has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Are you sure they include daily Food charges? TA very rarely pay Daily Food charges so where are they coming from? PAYE (Income tax) is a bit messy but depends on how much you earnt that month.....


Daily food charges are clearly listed.
I honestly don’t have a clue where they’re coming from.
Have you been on a course at a RAF station? They are quite quick to move and track TA and if your unit does not move and track back to your TAC then you end up with these charges.

I would suggest that you may be in the wrong location (as far as JPA thinks). Nothing you can do about it, one for PSAO or RAO Dept.

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