pay day

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hey-up-cheeky, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Now then just a wee question, could be answered very quickly, but when do we get paid this month, is it - fri 28th dec or mon 31st dec.

    your help would be appreciated

  2. is that definate
  3. From my RAWO this morning
  4. great im brassic already
  5. armynet pay statement, top right, payday equals 31st dec. thank you come again!
  6. Stop whinging you buggers, you get paid on NYE, plenty of cash for a good urine-up that night!!!
  7. Unless you have a Boxhead account then fcuk knows when you'll get paid.
  8. what about all the piss ups between then! im screwed i tell ya! screwed!!!!

    are we having the swapping shit presents on arrse thing again this year.
  9. You lucky bar stewards... We got paid today, so its 6 weeks until Dr PayPal comes round again. Fooking Civi tw@ts!