pay day??

right i start my phase 1 training july 23rd and what am asking is how much have you guys come away with after the sixth week and after the 14 weeks.... reason i ask is cos i have debt with family and they would like to know what sort of date i could pay them back thats all..
No idea, it's not a lot. Depends where you are I think, ATR Winchester has a funny way of giving you like £80 in cash after a week or 2, then paying you like 150 into your bank every week, then like halfway through and at the end a bigger lump sum of the rest you are owed.

But I was there over xmas so I don't know if there was differences due to it being a 2 week break for the holiday. Is it much you owe?
no i dont owe alot just board to my mum £100 and abit for helping me out with kit £40

but shes a single mum and finds it hard at the moment so the sooner i can pay her back the better...but cheers for ya info mate
Couple of weeks, buddy, you should be sorted. Not like there is much you need to buy in basic besides your kit list and crisps down from the Spar.

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